8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Stretch Wrapper

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Machine and hand stretch wrapper, also known as stretch films is one of the simplest methods of securing and protecting your load for storage or transportation. It can be utilised with manual handheld gadgets or with automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrappings and comes in a variety of grades, widths, colours, and gauges to best suit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a stretch wrapper for doors, or stretch wrapper for windows or any other application, look for the best stretch film that works best for your product line.

Why Choose Stretch Wrapper

Every production line is incredibly different. Each warehouse has its peculiarities. Companies face pretty unique challenges which are relevant to their products, staffing levels, floor space or business line.

When considering incorporating a pallet wrapping machine in your business operations or upgrading an existing one, it’s a huge decision and investment. You should, therefore, look for a reputable pallet wrapping machine supplier who understands how your business operates and one who can customise the available machines to suit your business needs. Here are a few reasons why you should consider incorporating stretch films in your business.

Streamlined production process

Once you introduce stretch wrapping into your production line, whether it is a conveyorised automatic or turntable model, it’ll make a difference to the speed of your workplace. An automatic machine typically frees up your staff to work on other tasks while the wrapper performs its task. A pallet jack operator or forklift can put the pallet on the conveyor or turntable and then immediately start preparing another pallet.

Enhanced product safety

Wrapping your products with stretch films will protect them from any environmental elements like dirt, moisture and dust, keeping your items dry and clean, but still fully visible. For instance, UVI stretch film can protect your loads from UV rays, especially when you want to store them outdoors.

Increased stack height

When stretch films are used together with angle boards, they allow you to stack your products high on pallets. That enables you to maximise your workspace when shipping or storing your products.

Increased load stability

Stretch films allow you to safely wrap your products to create a stable load which has lesser chances of shifting while being moved around in a warehouse by forklifts, reducing product damages.

Enhances productivity

Stretch films allow you to easily and quickly wrap your products to secure them, which increases the productivity of your staff, allowing them to get more tasks done in a working day.

Less pilferage

Unitising your products makes it difficult for pilferage to happen because the loads have to be unwrapped first. The stretch films assist in concealing the products, providing extra protection.

Improved inventory control

By unitising similar products together, you can do your inventories more accurately and easily, reducing the chances of product separation which can make your inventory counts time-consuming and inefficient. Clear stretch films will enable you to scan straight through it if you are utilising a scanning system.

Consistent output

Predictability in production is a significant benefit when you want to balance all the components of a certain production line. A stretch film consistently and predictably wraps pallets similarly every time.