Revamp Your Patio This Summer

Home Improvement

With the UK currently experiencing one of the hottest summers on record, many homeowners are now spending an abundance of time outside and in their gardens, ensuring that they are making the most of the nice weather before it disappears. In line with this, it is no wonder why so many homeowners are now taking time to revamp their patios and paving stones areas, to ensure that they can enjoy the sunshine in the most wonderful and impressive outdoor spaces.

If you have been considering revamping your garden and updating your patio area, we highly advise that you continue reading! Today we are here to provide some great patio-revamping tips…

5 Patio-Revamping Ideas

Build a firepit – OK, so with temperatures as high as they currently are many people will completely disregard the idea of a fire pit. However, summer can be the best time for homeowners to build firepits, allowing them to build them in dry weather, ensuring that they are ready to be used when to cold weather comes back round. Not only this but firepits can come in handy in summer too, providing heat on cooler nights when you aren’t ready to go back inside, and them being perfect for toasting marshmallows.

Consider seating – With hot days now being a regular occurrence more and more homeowners are spending time in their gardens – not only on their own either with the weather presenting the perfect time for garden parties and BBQs. You should ensure that you patio is home to adequate seating for your guests, considering whether you want seating that stays in place or fold away seating to save space!

Make your patio private – It goes without saying that many people like to relax in their gardens without feeling like they are being watched, especially in summer when many people like to sunbathe in their gardens in their swimwear. Because of this is can be highly advantageous for homeowners to make their patio areas private! How this is done does depend on the size of your garden/ patio though, for example if you have a large garden you can probably make it private using tall fences and hedges, however if you only have a tiny yard you could create privacy using large potted plants and simple trellis’. 

Add plants and accessories– If you want your garden to look as beautiful as possible this summer you need to invest in plants and greenery for your garden, not only will this make your garden appear more beautiful but will also ensure it is a relaxing and comforting as possible for guests. You may even want to consider adding garden accessories and ornaments to your garden such as a water feature or wind chime. 

Invest in new natural stone patio slabs – If you patios is looking dull and drab, it might be time for you to invest in some new garden paving stones. Luckily for all, there are many different kinds of natural stone paving available, with options suitable for all. Some of the most common types of stone used for patio areas include yorkstone, limestone, marble and travertine.