Water and Air Hoses


A hose is a flexible tube used to convey fluids or air from one location to another. Water hoses are devised to carry industrial water, tap water, sewage, cooling water, and hot water for wash down purposes. Air hoses are designed to transfer compressed air. The hoses are made from rubber, polyethylene, PVC, or polyurethane. The tubes are reinforced with textile cord and a plastic or steel wire helix.

A quality water hose should last 5 to 10 years. With the wide variety of choices and little variances in water hoses, it’s inappropriate to choose the cheapest one. However, small variances can hugely impact a hose’s efficiency and durability. It is economical to buy a quality hose rather than replacing a low quality hose several times.

For steady power output, stable air pressure, and a tight seal, it is important to go for a good quality hose pipe. Regardless of whether you are a skilled or home hose user, you will require a reliable lay flat hose to get the job done. Prospective buyers should consider the outlined factors before choosing a product.

Features of a Dependable Water or Air Hose


You should only purchase the length you need, not longer. Longer water hoses are pricier and heavy to move around. These hoses provide lower water pressure and require more storage space. Longer air hoses lose more pressure from your compressor to your device. You should purchase a hose that can reach everything at the slightest pressure loss. This will ensure your job is done efficiently as you will be able to utilize most of the pressure.

Inner Diameter of the Hose

The bigger the diameter, the more water and air the hose will transport. A five-eighths inch diameter combines water pressure and flow without the hose being weighty.


Flexibility, duration, weight, and how a hose will perform depends on the material it is made from. A rubber water hose is the strongest and lasts longer than the rest.


Water hose strength is measured according to water pressure at which the hose will burst open. Purchase one with a burst pressure higher than 350 psi.


When inspecting a water hose, twist it into a U and check for kinks. Pick another hose if it kinks. Rubber and reinforced water hoses are highly preferable as they are less prone to bending.


These are the end pieces which are attached to spigots, compressors or nozzles. Water Hose Fittings that are made from brass are the most resilient and leak resistant. An additional high quality rubber washer is highly recommended to prevent leaks. Worm-drive clamps and bolt clamps should mount water and Air hose fittings.

This information will prove helpful when purchasing a water or air pipe. With this said user preference and purpose of the hose come first. You should however, take into account the tips covered as they will help you get good quality stuff. This is also inclusive of the air and Water Hose Fittings.