Why UAE Residents Hang Paintings of UAE Rulers

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven Emirates with one Advisory body. It is located along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The country’s capital is Abu Dhabi. There are 7 UAE Rulers. The UAE Rulers are the descendants of the founding sheiks of the UAE. UAE Rulers hold a special place in the hearts of millions of UAE residents. The paintings of UAE Rulers can be found throughout the landmarks of the country. Most offices, both private and public, malls, schools, and homes honor the UAE rulers by hanging paintings of UAE rulers. The paintings of UAE rulers are also sold on various online and offline platforms.

People can buy the paintings of the UAE rulers on eCommerce websites, local shops, artists, small art businesses, etc. Many websites sell merchandise that has clear and beautiful images of UAE rulers on their products. Most people prefer to buy paintings of UAE rulers for their homes to teach their children about the country’s great leaders. The children memorize the names of all UAE rulers at a very young age because they see the paintings of UAE rulers daily in their homes.

The UAE rulers provide their citizens with many allowances and welfare support. They provide their citizens with free healthcare, education, housing, marriage funds, and children allowance. Emiratis get special treatment such as getting jobs and getting salaries higher than expatriates. In return for the generosity and care provided by the UAE rulers, people respect, celebrate, and honor them on all of their achievements. While in UAE, you cannot miss seeing the paintings of the UAE rulers in every nook and corner.

The paintings of UAE Rulers are sold mostly during the Independence Day of the United Arab Emirates. The Independence Day of the United Arab Emirates is on 2nd December 1971. People celebrate by buying paintings of UAE Rulers. They hang the paintings in their homes, offices, and schools. The citizens of the country celebrate their pride in UAE rulers. Many artists only specialize in painting UAE rulers. They do it out of respect and love for them.

Many huge paintings can be found in government institutions and offices. These paintings are made by experienced artists. People can buy similar paintings of the UAE Rulers everywhere in the UAE and on Online Websites and Galleries. People pay handsomely to buy these paintings and display them to store them in their houses. Creative artists find multiple ways to create paintings of UAE rulers.

Since 1971, The UAE has been a sovereign nation. Its glory is the result of the UAE rulers’ effort. The unification of the emirates resulted in prosperity and success. The people of the UAE remain forever grateful to their rulers and continue to remember their efforts for them. They honor and glorify them. Most Emirati households hang portrait paintings of the UAE rulers in their homes. Their act of love provides proof of their deep devotion to the UAE rulers.