Advantages and uses of a Bag Sealing Machine

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A bag sealer also known as heat sealer is an instrument that uses heat to seal of the edges of a plastic or polythene wrapper. Bag sealers vary in size and are cost effective; hence it’s extensive usage in almost every industry especially the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Heat sealers are useful at home, where it can be used to seal foodstuff and items when one is moving into a new home. It is helpful because it provides water and airtight seal and its tamper-proof.

Types of bag sealing machine.

  • The band type sealer, these type of heat sealers use a belt that mover the heating element. It’s also known as the continuous bag sealer. A convey belt slides the polythene paper as it heats.
  • Hotwire sealing machine, as the names state wire is used to cut and join the surfaces of polyethylene plastic or nylon.
  • Ultrasonic, A high ultrasonic vibration is used to weld similar materials together under pressure.
  • Hot glue gun or the hot melt adhesive used to join strips by pouring hot glue on the surface. The hot glue can also be applied earlier on the surface and later be reactivated to form a bonding agent. This bonding material its called shrink wrap. It melts and covers the item. The method is widely used hence significant profits to the shrink wrap machine manufacturer.
  • The impulse heat sealer, these heat sealers use two elements, one placed on the lower panel and the other on the upper panel. When the panel is closed, pressure is applied to the plastic bag and heat is generated at a specific rate to create the required temperature to hold the material together.

It’s very easy to find bag sealing machines for sale online. They make sealing easy and its a very cheap method. Below are the advantages of heat sealers.


Heat sealers are easy to use and don’t need any training to use. It is a simple as plugging it to a power source, and the sealing panel gets heated immediately, and these saves a lot of time. Home bag sealing machines are light and can be carried easily.

Safe to use.

Anywhere that heat is used, the concern for safety arises. Bag sealers only get hot when they are operating. As years go by these machines were improved, the heating elements are not left in the open like the tradition machines, these lowers the risk of burns. These machines are made out of aluminium frame which dramatically helps in cooling the heating panels there for a longer lifespan for the machine. An automatic heat indicator is installed in the system to alert you when its overheating or cooled and ready for use.