What to ask and confirm with the bridal store before buying a dress?


Your wedding is the cutest thing that can happen in your life and you need not spend this much time selecting any other outfit but a bridal dress to make the day even cuter. Bridal dresses are delicate and special than all other costumes. So, you may have to find the stores that offer quality bridal dresses from the lot available in the market. The wedding dresses on Best for Bride can fit you in any kind of wedding event and the customer service will be pleasing in the store. However, there will be some fake or unreliable stores offering low-grade products also with bad customer service. So, you should choose the wedding store after going through several factors and questions. Apart from reliability factors, the wedding dress selection depends on several other factors that will help you through the process. If you ask and confirm the following questions with the bridal store, the process of purchasing will be smooth.

Is an appointment necessary and how long will it be?

Most bridal stores would allow customers to check the dresses only when they have appointments. However, there may be a few stores that do not offer an appointment. So, you should confirm the necessity for an appointment beforehand. Along with the confirmation of the appointment, you should ask the duration per appointment to select the dress.

Will you let me take photos of the dress?

You may choose a set of dresses in the store and wish to showcase them to a person who is not there in the store. So, you may have to take some pictures of the dress to know his or her opinion. However, you cannot take pictures like that without getting the permission of the store’s staff.

Will you offer accessories and shoes?

You may wish to try the wedding dresses in the store and you may wish to see yourself as a complete bride. So, you may require some accessories, shoes, and supportive inners for the trials. Hence, you can ask and confirm whether the store offers such products or you should take them with you.

Will you offer storage support for the dress?

You may be ordering your dress way before your wedding date. Hence, you may have to store the dress somewhere to protect it from getting damaged in any way. Instead of buying it and protecting somewhere, you can check whether the bridal store itself can help in the storage of the piece. Some stores offer this service for free, while some will ask a fee for the storage. So, you can confirm this beforehand if required.

What would be the additional charges apart from the price of the dress?

You may end up shocked by seeing the total price of the purchase as the mentioned price of the piece would be low. It is because of the additional costs like taxes, accessories and inclusions, alterations, shipping costs, and much more. So, you should ask about the additional charges beforehand to plan your budget accordingly and to avoid last-minute shocks.