How To Choose The Best Eyeliner For Your Eyes? Compliment Your Eyes With A Permanent Tattoo!


Nowadays, everybody is interested in getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo, but it is important to get a tattoo that complements your personality. When you are using gel-based eyeliner shapes daily, it is important to get the one suitable for your whole life when getting a permanent tattoo. Therefore it is important to avoid getting winged eyeliner and heavily smudged eyeliners unless you are a model. Daily getting a thick line just over your eyelid is perfect for normal women.

Here we will talk about the best shapes which suit every lady greatly and complement their eyes perfectly. The shape of your eyes, a profession in which you are indulged, and your personality greatly decide the kind of eyeliner you should get. For instance, if you are a woman over 40, then getting blue eyeliner would never compliment you as it is a color made for teenagers. permanent makeup eyeliner tattoos are available in a wide range of colors and shapes.

How To Decide The Type Of Eyeliner Tattoo?

  • Consider The Shape Of Your Eyes

Eyes are not always symmetrical in every person, sometimes they are slightly different in size, and sometimes they are on a different level. In many people, you will easily found eyes of different shapes. Also, these asymmetric shapes are easily recognized in pictures and videos. Choose a perfect makeup artist. They could hide these asymmetrical shapes by giving eyeliner tattoos that compliment your eyes, like your eyebrows compliment your eyes. By getting a tattoo from a professional, you can easily hide these asymmetries and enjoy similar-looking eyes.

  • Your Age Decides The Type Of Your Tattoo

If you are a woman who is the mother of a teenage daughter, consider having a tattoo that gives you an elegant look and not a look of a sexiest. If you get an elegant tattoo, it will complement your eyes nicely and suitably with all the dresses you will wear. At this age face of women is slightly wrinkled and a little loose; having winged eyeliner along with it can never go greatly. Choosing a shape which compliments your age and facial features will give you great confidence.

  • Choose According To Your Lifestyle

The personality you have maintained in your life up to now decides the shape and color of your eyeliner greatly. For example, if you have always been someone who wears a lot of makeup, choosing dramatic eyeliner in any vibrant shade such as blue or green can easily suit your personality. But if you always remain simple and only choose to do a no-makeup look, then it is great for you to choose eyeliner that complements your features and explore them only.

Concluding Lines

These are some tips that a person could follow while going for a permanent eyeliner makeup tattoo. Considering these tips can help them in saving themselves from regretting later due to wrong decisions.