Setting Up A Business Bank Account- Benefits You Need To Know


An integral part of making a startup or small enterprise successful is opening more options to make them flexible. Setting up a business bank account brings endless benefits to businesses that have just started their enterprise or are formalizing their business. Let’s get to know them:

A legitimized business: If your side hustle has turned out to be a skilful business that provides income, then an account dedicated for the same will legitimize this idea into a ‘real’ enterprise. You will reap the benefits of being a business owner in its true sense by setting up a business bank account.

Hassle-free audit trail for IRS: An audit can happen anytime, and if your bookkeeping has personal and professional business mixed up, then audit can be a complete nightmare for your business. By setting up a business bank account, one can easily keep a clear record of all payments, receipts, expenses etc., thus making audit smooth and easy for the business. It also helps during tax season, since you made the decision early in your accounting.

Personal identity and liability protected: Any business is prone to identity thefts and frauds. It further establishes a separate legal entity that keeps the liability at a limit for the business owner. Merchants have many security measures in their arsenal to protect customer’s personal information.

Funding and Preparedness: While setting up a business bank account, the client gets access to a line of credit, asset-based or term based loans, and other fund based facilities that are useful in times of emergency or lack of liquidity. This facility is not available in a short period to personal bank account holders.

IRS requirements for loan: Internal Revenue Service asks for separate accounts for incorporated businesses. It also includes partnerships and sole proprietorships. It further establishes the concept of a separate legal entity, and if your business needs a loan, you must need setting up a business bank account.

Professionalism: If you are doing a business, then setting up a business bank account gives your business the reputation it needs. During financial transactions, when clients see the business’s name on invoices, it gives them a sense of security, and legitimacy to your business. It will also enable the business to accept ACH, debit cards, credit card transactions. This way, even employees can be authorized to handle daily banking tasks for the business.

Documents required for setting up a business bank account

Well, every bank will ask for different documents and information for setting up a business bank account for common business accounts such as Checking Account, Savings Account, Credit Card Account, and Merchant Services Account. But here is a list of documents that are basically asked for everywhere:

  • A Tax ID number issued by IRS.
  • Social security number for Sole Proprietorships/Partnerships, Proof of Incorporations for LLCs and similar corporations.
  • Business Licence/ Business name filing paperwork.

Choose a bank account keeping in mind introductory offers, interest rates, transaction fees etc. for a profitable journey rather than settling for the company where you have your Personal Bank Account also.