Things to Know about Locking Wheel Nut Removal Services

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In case, you have lost your locking wheel nut, do not fret, as there has been another way.

What do you understand by locking wheel nuts?

Locking wheel nuts, also known as lug nuts, would keep the wheels firmly attached to the car. These nuts have their own special key for application and removal. It has been a metal, circular item around two-inches long. It would entail a hexagonal indent at one end that would fit on the locking wheel nut.

Where could you locate the locking wheel nut key?

When you look forward to changing or repair your tires, you would be required to have a specific key for the job. In the event of you were unsure where it has been located:

  • Located in the glove box
  • The side boot compartments
  • Under the boot carpet along with the spare wheel
  • In the seat pockets
  • Under the passenger or driver’s seat

What if you were unable to find the key or damaged the nuts?

In the event of you were unable to find the key, accidentally damaged the locking wheel nuts, or the key would not fit the locking wheel nut, it would be in your best interest to seek assistance from locking wheel nut removal services.

The experts in the industry would not charge exorbitantly. They would have adequate experience to remove the four locking wheel nuts during the tire repair or replacement using a piece of specialist equipment that could remove the nut without actually damaging the alloys.

What if the specialists were able to remove the nut but could not put it back?

In the event of the locking wheel, nut removal specialist using their special tools (Impact socket) for removing damaged or over-tightened nuts have been unable to put them back on, the experts would ask you to purchase new vehicle-manufacturer-approved wheel locking nuts before they actually arrive and start the process.

Consequently, the experts would be able to fit the new locking wheel nuts for you after the tires have been replaced successfully.

Customized tools for locking wheel nut removal needs

The custom locking wheel nut removal tools have been specifically designed to remove any locking wheel nut or locking wheel bolt. They would be able to remove damaged spinning collar lock nuts or locking wheel bolts without actually causing any damage to the tire or the rim. They offer to lock wheel nut removal services for a reasonable price.

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