What Are Friday 13th Marketing Ideas?


You might be stumped trying to come up with ideas to increase your franchise recruitment performance. What are Friday 13th marketing ideas that could kick your recruitment up a few notches? With our franchise development services, your organization can benefit from our marketing tools that will help boost your business, no matter what day of the year it is.

When you take advantage of our services, you’ll get an integrative suite of marketing tools, media purchases, and services. The best part is that they all come as part of a comprehensive program, and they are delivered turnkey to you, ready to use now.

Additionally, we bring a consultative and transparent approach to doing business that is grounded in a proven strategy. All of our work is done by our own staff members, in-house, so that we can ensure that you get consistent quality for your project.

We offer expertise and experience that are unusual in the field. We provide the highest possible performance, and this is due to our years of development and refinement specifically in franchise recruit marketing. The open source software we utilize is the most cutting-edge franchise automation framework that you can get today. We built it from the ground up ourselves, which means that we provide reliable and affordable services to our customers. We can integrate our program into almost any system, tailor it, and cut down on vendor risk.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of our customer relationship management program to keep your contacts organized, track their interactions, and see how they are interacting with your ecommerce store, website, etc. The CRM also creates automatic contacts from inbound calls and records calls.
Create workflows with follow-up checklists, and send automatic emails to get investor leads more and more interested in your work with this system.

Our cloud marketing platform automates SEO for the franchise development website, and it empowers you to send news, manage all your social media networks, and to create affiliation and referral opportunities. You can do this all from one centralized location. You’ll also be alerted any time opportunities come up and have digital marketing key performance indicators at your fingertips.

Our staff is the best at creating unique marketing strategies that are different than what you’ll find anywhere else. Your strategy is put into play with our detailed and repeatable playbooks. We offer end-to-end control and in-house software, making it easy for you to answer, “What are Friday 13th marketing ideas?”

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