5 Steps To A Successful Basement Renovation Toronto

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Homeowners who have recently purchased a home with a basement often wonder what to do with this additional space. While a home’s finished basement can be used as a family room, rec room, or home office, the basement of a house is often just a storage area. If you’ve been thinking about renovating your basement, here are 5 steps you need to take to make the process successful.

Hire a Contractor

The decision to renovate your basement is a big one and you need to do your research before hiring a contractor. What type of flooring, appliances, and fixtures do you want? Do you want to create more space or add more privacy?How will you power, heat, and cool the space? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a contractor.

Decide What Type Of Finished Basement You’ll Have

Once you’ve determined who you want to work with on your basement renovation toronto, the next step is to decide what type of finished basement you’ll have. There are three main options – concrete, crawlspace, and finished basement in the ground.

Concrete basements are the most common and cheapest, but they can also be the most limiting. If you choose to go with a concrete basement, you can’t add much storage other than a concrete walk-in closet or a few cabinets.

Finished Basements in the Ground are typically cheaper than the other two options, but they aren’t very practical. Not only do you have to excavate the soil, but you have to finish the basement.

A crawlspace is the most expensive option, but it can also be the most versatile. If you select this finish basement option, you get the benefits of both a concrete floor and a crawlspace. You can choose whether or not you want a crawlspace floor and you can use the space as you see fit.

Get An Estimate

Before hiring a contractor, you need to get an estimate for the work. Use a contractor friend or hire a contractor broker to get multiple quotes. A contractor’s estimate is based on their experience, the type of job, and the materials you tell them to use. Be sure to tell them what you want to do with the finished basement and what your budget is.

Create A Plan

After you’ve gotten an estimate and a plan for the basement, the next step is to put it all together into a design. You get to look at the finished space and decide what you like and what you don’t. Some elements to take into consideration when designing your basement include the purpose of the space – family room, recreation, guest bedroom, etc.

Get Licenses And Permits

Next, you’ll need to get any necessary building and safety permits. Make sure you understand what the permits are for and what you’ll be doing during the construction process. Depending on the size and type of job, you may need to get a permit from your municipality. These permits usually have restrictions on when and where construction can take place.

Final Steps – Conclusion

All in all, the process of renovating a basement is pretty simple. The only tricky part is knowing where to start. Once you have an idea of what you want to do and who you want to hire, the rest is easy. Hire a contractor, get estimates, create a plan, get licenses and permits, and finish the basement.

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