Take Advantage of Our Fleet Wash Program

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A fleet of vehicles should be kept clean as much as possible because they are basically rolling billboards for your company. The organization’s reputation and image is literally riding on the vehicles’ appearance. First impressions matter, and your fleet vehicles are often the first time potential customers encounter your brand. Our fleet wash program was created to make it easy for your company’s vehicles to stay clean and to get you new and repeat customers as a direct result.

Our fleet wash program can handle cleaning all types of vehicles. We clean buses, delivery trucks, mail carriers, and tractor trailers, in addition to cars and pickup trucks. We have the staff and equipment to clean any type of vehicle that your company uses to do its work. Our capacity is tremendous, and we are able to clean hundreds of vehicles each day.

Our cleaning process will remove dirt, grease, road film, exhaust soot, bugs, and anything else the road can throw at your vehicles. We utilize hot water, brushes, and biodegradable detergents, and our commitment to excellence is evident in the final result of our cleaning process. We make sure all parts of the vehicles, including rims, bumpers, exterior frames, tires, windows, mirrors, front grills, and gas tanks are spotless.

The protocol we use for cleaning goes beyond just helping our customers: we are committed to environmentally responsible cleaning. We recover our wash water, which is not very common in similar companies. We strive to ensure our impact on the environment is as positive as we can make it. You know you’re working with a company that cares deeply about the environment when you partner with us.

When you use our service, you are freeing your staff members to focus on helping your customers and growing your business. You can concentrate more on how to increase revenue in different ways beyond having clean fleet vehicles.

You want your fleet vehicles to look sharp all the time. We make them shine, never sacrificing quality for speed. We work fast, but we are proud of the high standard of work we attain. Our goal is to get your vehicles looking their best and back out on the road as soon as possible.

You can save on advertising dollars by simply keeping your fleet vehicles clean. The vehicles will speak volumes about the work your company does. A clean vehicle also saves on maintenance costs in the long run because it can help prevent problems, such as those that can be caused by having dirty brakes.

Make the most of our fleet wash program to help your company look its best!