Why Switch to Vaping this Year?


Every year, an estimated over 3 million people aim to quit smoking and several health organizations have heavily recommended the use of vaping to significantly help to quit the habit, as determined by Public Health England’s recent study into the consequences of inhaling tobacco smoke and vapor.

So let us look at the reasons as to why vaping is the best way when quitting cigarette smoking and how it could save much more than just your life. Here, it begins:

  • Health Perspective

So beginning with the obvious; smoking is the largest cause of preventable deaths all across the globe. Smoking increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases like coronary heart disease and angina directly associating with 72% of lung cancer deaths in UK alone.

There is no doubt that smoking tobacco is very injurious to human body, whereas vaping has been shown to be 95% less harmful than cigarette smoking. The e-liquids used in the vaping devices do not contain tar and toxins of conventional cigarettes that are the chemicals that can cause considerable harm to your body, hence the benefits of vaping are quite extensive.

  • Addiction

Nicotine is addictive and its damaging effects are quite considerable compared to the alarming level of carcinogens and toxic chemicals in tobacco. So albeit it’s the nicotine that your body becomes hooked to when smoking tobacco cigarettes, it’s not the compound that damages your body primarily.

But fortunately, most of the vaping e-liquids come pre-mixed with nicotine or with nicotine booster shots, thus making it an easy transition from smoking to vaping without the unavoidable detrimental impact on your body health. For instance, ruthless e-liquid is gaining in importance among the avid vapers.

  • Price

The cost associated with tobacco cigarette smoking grows every year, and when determined it accounts for shocking statistics. For instance, if you smoked a 20 cigarette pack a day, it would subtract around 17-18k a month from your savings. However, on the contrary, if you make a switch to vaping, there would be a one-off cost of a vaping started kit, then the cost of purchasing 120 ml of e-liquid, for instance ruthless e-liquid and several packs of replacement coils and altogether you will be saving around Rs.10000 on an average right from your first month of vaping. Eventually, you could do a lot with that extra cash each month.

  • Personalization

Though most of the tobacco companies pride themselves in delivering a premium quality, more cultivated taste than the other; it is fair to assume that the overall tobacco flavor is much more generic all across the globe.

On the contrary, vaping comes with plenty of flavors and tastes to cater everyone’s palate. Right from layered dessert blends to tropical fruit medleys; the options in vaping are endless and are made with user’s preference of certain flavors and strengths at the forefront of its production. Therefore, it means that whatever floats your boat, you are likely to find different e-juices, for instance ruthless e-juice.

  • Convenience

The laws behind vaping in public areas are quite insignificant and it usually boils down to the vapers discretion as well as consideration for other people in the room, as to whether it is bearable to vape in an enclosed area or space.

Besides this, the overall public opinion sees vaping as much more convenient and socially preferred to smoking. Today, more and more bars and restaurants allow indoor vaping, thus, saving you time in going out to the smoking area and awkwardly stinking of tobacco cigarettes.

So no you can see, the difference switching to vaping will make in your life is just tremendous. Not only you will save money, it will also bring a positive effect on your health and lifestyle in general. So why damage your body with smoking, go with vaping!