Why Do Builders Need Set-Out Survey?

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A set-out survey in a pure sense means transferring a building design from paper to the ground. It helps in making the design real enough for builders to follow it during construction. The set-out survey process carried out by good survey companies such as Setting Out Complete Survey Solutions establishes critical points and also marks relevant points to guide the building process. This process ensures accuracy during the building process.

For large projects, surveyors do not provide set-out survey services all at once. Projects such as putting up high rise buildings involve multiple set-out survey works. The survey is done in phases. Surveyors may survey sewerage system, car park, road, earthwork, and then the building itself.

Set-out surveys are relevant when you want to extend or expand an existing building. Roads, tunnels, and bridge projects also need survey services. You need to do a set-out survey when building any structure whether it is a big or small building.

Sometimes, set out surveys can be as simple as setting a reference line for builders to know where the position of the building is. However, the emergence of modern construction techniques has allowed for precise set-out.

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A set-out survey is important for the following reasons:

It ensures that constructions are done within legal boundaries. This is vital since it helps you to avoid boundary disputes in the future. Boundary disputes can cause you to lose a lot of money in legal battles. It is also a waste of time and you can even lose part of your property in the process.

Such survey also makes it possible for builders to build according to plan. Sometimes, builders have a hard time bringing the building plan into an exact reality. However, the markers that the surveyors laid out make it easier. Since the markers are physical layouts, builders can follow it to construct projects according to the plan.

Another reason why this type of survey is essential is that it allows surveyors to use their knowledge to double check design plans. Once they cross-check, they can provide all the information that builders need for the project.

This type of survey also helps to avoid delays in the construction process. Since surveyors work with other professionals such as constructors to ensure that everything is done appropriately. After this survey, builders can work with confidence since they have the right kind of information. They will just do what they are experts in since the surveyors have done their parts. In cases where there is no set-out survey, the builders will have to do that as well. Since they are not experts in surveying, they will not do a good job, and it will also waste a lot of time.

After a complete survey, surveyors ensure that there is a site handover and they also give out set out plans for reference.

A good set out survey requires expertise and modern equipment. You don’t only need to do a set-out survey for your projects; you need experts on the job. Setting Out Complete Survey Solutions fits the role any time, any day.