Goodnet – A Great Way Of Spreading Good Between People


In our world today,  we are exposed to different news every second,  every minute, every hour and every day.

This news falls into different categories; while there are news that motivates us, inspires us, and makes us happy,  there are some that are total bad news about happenings around the world.

And the reality of this categorization is that bad news are shared much more than good news.

We can see them on the TV, read about them on social media platforms, and  hear about them on the radio;  how one nation is going against another in war, how folks are getting murdered in the homes, how the young ones are getting into troubles and getting busted for it,  domestic violence, suicide, arson, rape and so on.

In as much as the media wants to keep the public informed and abreast of happenings in their communities and societies, they end up creating much more havoc to the public.

With each passing day, terrible things happen in the world, and the more they happen, the more the media share these bad news in great numbers.

In as much as this news keeps us informed about the happenings around us, these bad news do the exact opposite of what the good news does, they demoralize us, make us sad, anxious, skeptical and scared about our lives, properties, families, and the world as a whole.

This is not to say that reading or hearing this bad news is totally disastrous, but then it is better for people to hear and read about good things as much as the bad things; if not more.

When they do read and listen to good news more, it boosts their faith, hope, and trust in humanity and the world, it stops anxiety, it improves then mental health conditions of the public,

This is why Goodnet is changing the status quo through the sharing of good news amongst people.

The good content materials shared by Goodnet goes beyond news; they include inspirational quotes, uplifting images, educating and entertaining stories, hilarious jokes, educating quizzes.

This is all in a bid to make people see the goodness in the world, because truth be told, despite the terrible things happening in the world, there are good things happening in the world also.

These good things are what Goodnet aim to share with the world. Goodnet wants to spread goodness, happiness, and retain people’s hope and trust in themselves, in humanity, in the government, and in the world.

Asides from sharing good news and contents, Goodnet is passionate about doing good all over the world, creating a platform for different people to come together to change the world with good deeds.

Through social activities such as charity work, collaborative consumption, creativity, water conservation, micro-funding, green tech, and volunteering, Goodnet has created a network where different people from different parts of the world come together to do positive things in their fields of interest, and also showcase these good actions everywhere and every time.

A pint of goodness is what it takes to reduce the bad things happening in the world. A good deed here and a good deed there is what the world needs to make it a better place.

And when people come together to do good things, it rubs off on them also, as they become better people by the day, and also make better acquaintances through that medium.

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