What Is V6 Engine All About? What Makes It Stand Out Among Conventional Engines?


Engines are also evolving very rapidly just like the vehicles they are installed in! In this power age, if you think that a particular engine’s cylinder configuration is much better than the other one, you aren’t right.

There are many factors that contribute in making a powerful engine that the buyers must be aware of. It will help them to decide which of the configuration among them is just right for them. So, let’s grab some important basics on 2019 Silverado engine options that you should know!

Some Engine basics

Gasoline engines work on simple principle. It involves capturing energy from continual and rapid sequence of controlled and small explosions. It then uses this energy for propelling the vehicle.

It all happens in combustion chamber that is quite deep in the engine. A combustible mist of gasoline gets mixed with air when sprayed into the cylinders of engine having cylindrical shaped openings that are being cast into engine block.

After that, the fuel mixture is compressed under high pressure by piston into combustion chamber and then ignited by spark plug that sits in top of cylinder. This mechanism triggers explosion that drives piston downwards with incredible force. This force is then transmitted via different parts of engine and then to transmission and finally to wheels of the vehicle.

Conventional four cylinder engines

Four cylinder engines are common ones for passenger vehicles. Generally, they have displacement under the three liters unlike the six cylinder ones that displace over the three liters.

While 4 cylinder engines are available in wide array of configurations, the inline one is indeed most popular. Now, you might have the question that what inline refers to? Well, in inline engines, the four cylinders are being lined up on sides in straight line. While going through the car specifications, you can see this kind of engine being listed either as L-4 or l-4.

Is V6 Engine special?

V6 engine provides shopper a great alternative to traditional engines. It combines fuel efficiency and refined performance. It servers more stirring and thrilling driving experience with higher horsepower ratings.

However, can you imagine what makes it so different and unique among others? First of all, it has two more cylinders as compared to the traditional four or six cylinder engine. More cylinders indicate more explosions can occur in engine. As a result, this engine is capable of generating more horsepower. V6 engine works just like pair of 3 cylinder engines that are joined together in V-like shape.

Moreover, the unique design of this engine allows more number of cylinders that can fit into smaller space. It has a smooth design since vibrations that are caused by pistons’ motion in one side of engine get cancelled by vibrations caused by motion of pistons on other side. Plus, the pleasing and unique sound from engine when driven spiritedly makes it one of the best!

So, the drivers of vehicles having V6 engines are ought to experience much more improved smoothness while driving. They can enjoy great confidence while merging, towing, tackling, or passing challenging or difficult trails!