Bottini Explains How Propane Can Be Used to Fuel Farms



Bottini knows that there is a long, rich history of farmers utilizing propane. This really isn’t a new idea. For over 100 years, farmers have been using propane for a number of uses on their farms. A lot of this has to do with farmers needing an alternate form of fuel during the wars. Since gas was a premium product that was needed to move troops around, the government had a stranglehold on the production of it. The same was true for many things during the wars. Chocolate was hard to get, hence the reason we have Nutella today. A lot of machines were taken too in order to manufacture things for the war efforts. This doesn’t happen as much, if at all, today because the times have changed, and more things are accessible to more areas at a faster rate. Anyhow, if you are curious as to the uses for propane on the farm, continue reading below.

Farm Friendly

Other than the same uses that we can use propane for, farmers have a plethora of other things that they can use propane for. Here is the list of things that they can use with propane, and the function it has on the farm.

  1. Irrigation Engines – In order to have the crops grow, some farms need to irrigate on a regular basis. The reason that most of them need to irrigate is that they live in a dryer climate and the crops would die otherwise. The irrigation engine is similar in nature to the generator, but it has a different function altogether. Using propane allows farmers to spend less money and be able to make higher margins in revenue.
  2. Grain Dryers – Do we really need to explain what a grain dryer is? It does the same thing that your clothes dryer does, only with grain and without the tossing and turning. As many as 80% of the grain dryers that exist in the US, use propane. The first reason is the cost and the second reason is that propane will never contaminate the crop. It is essentially a win-win situation.
  3. Heat – Just like you can use propane to heat your home, so can farmers. They find that the savings that they receive from using propane is worth it and it also produces no greenhouse gases that can contaminate the things they are sending to market.
  4. Generators – Usually, farms are far away from the city. The reasons vary, but suffice it to say, the average citizen does not want to know how the stuff ends up on their plate at home, they just want it to be there. The reason that they use generators frequently is due to the fact that when the power goes out, they are usually the last to be restored due to their proximity of the location to the major city.


Bottini wants to remind you that farmers keep us all fed, so it is important to make sure they have the best things possible. Propane power is the cleanest fuel source and a very welcome addition to the farming community.