What Are Contracts In Call Of Duty: Warzone?


Are you a player of Call Of Duty: Warzone? If yes, then you must try your best to collect huge amount of cash as currency in the game, which quite complicated task. Therefore, the best way to collect cash is that only that you can complete various contracts by visiting at different locations and then complete them all. It can be really valuable for people that allow them gather some extra cash which will use for buying various items online. You can make your gameplay protective and easier always by using warzone cheats in game. 

Understand the concept of contracts!

In the game, you will find the option of contracts at various locations of map which are really important and valuable. Therefore, these contracts are optional objective that teams can complete for earning experience points and weapons XP. Instead of this, these contracts allow you to collect rare loot or cash as well that can be spent at buy stations. Plethora kinds of contracts are available for people from which they can easily choose reliable option, which they can check out –

  • Let me start from the bounty contracts tasks that will allow the gamers to kill a specific player along with the team members. 
  • Contraband is another contract of the Call Of Duty: Warzone game that has a chance of taking after completing any of the contracts. Team that is already reward with the specific thing, so contraband will automatically get spawn.
  • Now the time is to talk about the Scavenger that is a particular contract which is for whole team so you need to explore for specific supply boxes located around the map. However, there is twist in this contract and that is limitation of time. 
  • Most wanted contract is also very famous that is used by so many gamers of this particular game, so it will marks the person who already choose anything up on the map for a specific time. Make sure, you will get reward at the end of the contract. 
  • Supply run that is contract in which team need to travels for buying station near about 500m away in the limited time period. If you complete it successfully then entire team members are able to buy at least one discounted items or even self-revive kit as well. 

Last, but not the least is the recon that is another contract that already have the team capture a set point in the map that you should simply check out online and focus on its great features. It would be best for you to read everything about the contracts online that can allow you to have best things about the game.  

What about Stations?

When it comes to buy stations then everything become complicated for people, but if you are going to visit at the stations then they will automatically allow you to buy anything buy using the currency. Nevertheless, gas mask and important things are possible to buy on stations.