Ways To Prevent Wrist Pain From Turning Worse


If you are in a job that requires you to strain your hand and wrist, the first thing you may experience is a sudden flare up of wrist pain. Usually, the symptoms begin with numbness or tingling sensation in the fingers but things may turn worse very soon. However, you can act strongly and do everything to prevent wrist pain. Wrist pain occurs when the network of nerves, stretching from the fingertips to the neck sustain an injury or unexplained pressure on the nerve. The occasional feeling of pain coming back on the same area of the wrist over and over again is the first indication of wrist pain.

Things to do

There are several different things to try to stop the wrist pain from coming back and you need to begin early. Often, people make mistakes while finishing the daily chores and end using more force than needed, causing injury to the wrist and hand. For instance, typing on the keyboard forcibly may be a cause of concern, so you need to gently type on the keyboard. If you are aware of the ills of wrist pain [เจ็บ ข้อ มือ, which is the term in Thai], try to avoid bending the wrist often. Keeping the wrist in a straight position does not create pressure on the median nerve. Apart from this, you must avoid exerting the same pressure on the hands and wrist over and over again.

Change your posture

Most of the pain symptoms in the body occur due to wrong posture and it is no exception in the case of wrist pain. Due to poor posture, your shoulders may roll forward and this is what you can call is the onset pain symptoms in wrist. If you are planning to see a therapist for wrist pain, try to look for an occupational therapist to show you the exercises to stretch and strengthen hands for relief.