Tenerife Flamenco Shows – An Overview on The Topic


Los Cristiano is a coastal town in Tenerife is a place that is quite famous for many of the shows that it hosts, and one of such is Antologia. This show is a blend of many types such as dance, flamenco, and opera and can guarantee to keep you entertained throughout the hours. This show is also known as Antologia Carmen Mota Flamenco Show. 

The Flamenco Tenerife shows run throughout the week from Tuesday to Sunday and are available in many options for you to book tickets. You can check your convenience and book the tickets accordingly. The Piramide de Arona, which takes pride in occupying a place in the list of the largest auditorium in Europe, hosts the show in Tenerife. 

The auditorium is built with the dimension of 350 square metres, and can host more than 1800 people at a show in it. The whole building is installed with top-quality state-of-the-art audiovisual and theatrical equipment. You can enjoy every beat of the music of the show to the fullest in this auditorium. 

History of Flamenco Dance 

The art of Flamenco dance is developed over the centuries by the inspiration from many sources such as Andalusian, Moorish, Gypsy, and other such roots. In the 19th century, this dance form became the best entertainment in the cafes, and hence the café business boomed because of the interest of the viewers of this show. 

Song, or also known as “Canto” is the core of Flamenco dance form. It is divided into three different forms such as hondo “deep”, grande “grand”, and baile “dance”. All kinds of songs such as tragic tones, profound songs, intense music, duende, and all other such depth of emotions are embedded in the music for this dance form. 

Flamenco Shows in Spain 

Apart from Tenerife, many other places host Flamenco shows and they are, 

  • Seville 
  • Granada 
  • Madrid 
  • Cordoba 

Carmen Mota is a famous Flamenco dancer in Tenerife, and her shows have never failed to arouse the interest of the dance enthusiasts around the island. The beauty of her dance forms is that she defines her language through dance aesthetics, and focuses very strictly on her choreographies. 

Most of the shows will be focused on the shows that were organised in the last two decades in Tenerife, and hence you can expect the blend of flamenco, musical, opera, and dance in these shows. 

The shows run from Tuesday to Sunday and there will be no shows on Monday. The timings of the show start from 8 pm and will be scheduled every 30 minutes once till 9.30 pm. The best way of booking the right seats to enjoy the show is by arriving at the venue 30 minutes before the show timing. 

Club Canary is an excellent destination for you to go through all the available shows on that particular day in Tenerife and also to book one. The booking is available to everyone from the age of 4 years. Each show can run up to 45 minutes with two separate acts and you can book the shows accordingly. Visit the website to know more.