Vegetarian Catering In Singapore


Having a vegetarian diet has become more common nowadays in Singapore. More people have come to read about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. It used to be that those who choose vegetarian food are thought as being cool or different, but with more information about this type of diet available in mainstream media, the perception is shifting. 

With that in mind, when organizing an event, the provision of food is often an important consideration. Given the rising popularity of vegetarianism, having to engage vegetarian catering in Singapore services certainly is a more common occurrence. 

One consideration when opting for vegetarian catering is whether the dishes will be well balanced.  Common questions like “Will there be enough protein?”, “How will the dishes appeal to the guests?”, “Will there be too many vegetable dishes”. These are all valid queries.  However, with proper planning, there can still be a variety of dishes will are both tasty and nutritious.

Vegetarian buffet catering in Singapore has improved greatly recently. There are now many such providers who have the experience and knowledge to make your party a successful one. A reliable vegetarian caterer will be able to offer you useful suggestion on the food selection based on your type of guests and venue. He or she can even help you select the best combination of dishes for a well-balanced meal. 

Some of the points to consider when choosing a vegetarian caterer:

  1. Whether the party/event venue offers catering service. Some venues only allow catered food to be ordered from their own in house restaurant or eatery. This can be negotiated if their in house dining options do not cater to vegetarians.
  2. Ask about their reliability and experience. Question the caterer manager on various food that they have and ask them for their opinion. If your event is large with more than a hundred guests, check if they have the know how. There are caterers who specialised in one small event, but may not  demonstrate sufficient knowledge to handle a large scale event where much more coordination is required. 
  3. If the caterer is able to be meet your different requests. There are bound to be different dietary requirements from your guests, e.g. nut or gluten allergy. Even for vegetarians, there are several types like lacto vegetarians and ovo vegetarians. Enquire about the ingredients about the dishes. Those caterers who are more flexible with their menu can give you customized prices and dishes that are found in the menu.  
  4. Whether the caterer is familiar with the venue and can reach on time. 
  5. If your event has many invited guests, do check if the caterer can rent out tables and chairs so that they can dine comfortably. 

Organizing an event which the food is vegetarian can be more challenging. However, it does not mean that there are less options. The good thing is that there are many more vegetarian caterers nowadays. Some offer only vegetarian dishes while others offer both meat and vegetarian choices in their menu. With proper research and planning, your event can turn out well with many satisfied guests.