What is the shelf life of the coffee pods?


Coffee’s flavor and aroma depend on the coffee pods’ freshness. A cuppa coffee has value if it is fresh. The freshness is determined by the time that has elapsed since the beans were ground and roasted.

Oil can be found on the beans’ surface as coffee is roasted. This oil comprises most of the flavor. The dark and oily color on the roasted beans is also responsible for the coffee oils. Such oils can start to break down as they encounter food, sun, temperature and humidity, taste and fragrance. 

Coffee beans undergo chemical alteration at room temperature and release carbon dioxide. Air oxidizes the beans and very quickly makes them stale. Freezing moisture will decrease the flavor if it remains exposed to it. The oils stored on the beans’ skin were brittle due to freezing and cracking.

Ground coffee starts to deteriorate even faster than the whole bean because the ground coffee has more surface area that is exposed to the air. Therefore, it may stale easily. It must be consumed within a week after the coffee has been grounded.

There is no such thing as a formula for a coffee. Coffee— whether in the shape of bean or grounded comprises of as many as a thousand different compounds like carbohydrates, amino acids, and lipids. Over time, these compounds undergo physicochemical changes that alter both the aroma and taste of the product. Carbs are stagnant, lipids become rancid, reactive organic compounds are evaporated, and other elements change with oxygen (oxidation) or water intake. Also, small changes can have a major impact on your coffee’s flavor. Nespresso® coffee pods are more environment-friendly and cost-effective as compared to single-use capsules.

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Coffee Preservation 

To retain the taste, coffee needs to be preserved carefully for longer periods, it should be kept clean, which is necessary. It is important to keep coffee containers away from air and moisture. Always put coffee in the fridge. Packing of coffee in airtight bags was started with the development of the packaging industry. Also, the roasting process includes washing, roasting, refrigeration, grinding and packaging. While the packaging for vacuum and nitrogen injection was implemented to slow down the oxidation process, the process of becoming stale could not be managed once the packages were opened. Storing in this manner extends the shelf life of ground coffee up to a few months and up to 9 months for whole beans.

Depending on the type of beans, roasting and brewing process used, target flavor can differ. Nonetheless, in all situations, use coffee as close to the roasting date (not the expiry date) as possible is your safest bet. The expiry date is often one year from the time the beans are roasted. The coffee will be less fresh as you are closer to the latter than the former. If you are not sure about when you are going to use it after the purchase, which normally happens if you drink it regularly, but keep it stored in a tight container until you are ready to use it. Nespresso® coffee pods ensure quality and tight standards for all its products.

Whole beans are the best choice to keep it new and fresh. It is better to buy coffee pods as they have a longer shelf life as compared to the ground beans. That’s going to give the coffee a fresh taste and scent you like. Nespresso® coffee pods have a strong flavor and aroma that coffee connoisseurs will love.

The U.S.A. National Coffee Association recommends storing coffee pods and beans in a dark and cool place in airtight glass or ceramic containers. These should be packed in several small airtight bags if the coffee is in large quantities.

Are you still thinking whether to go for ground coffee or pods? The one-word answer to that is- coffee pods. Keep brewing!



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