Thinking About Upgrading Your Deck: What Are Your Options?

Home Improvement

You sure do love your deck, but it’s started to fade and fall into disrepair. Maybe you’re just tired of the way it looks and want to give it a much-needed facelift. Whatever the reason, you’re seriously considering an upgrade of your deck.

The good news is you have options as to how you should go about doing it. But you need to carefully consider the important stuff before you get started.


You did before you started to build your deck, you need to do it before you renovate your deck. Don’t call deck builders tigard until you have a budget to work from that will allow you to upgrade your deck in the manner you want. The financial aspect of a deck upgrade will dictate how much work you can do and help you allocate the funds needed to the most important areas that need attention .

The size of the deck is also part of this equation since your upgrades are going to be somewhat dependent on this facet. That’s because upgrading the deck can be simple or complicated based on the kind of deck you have and what needs to be fixed or refurbished.

Upgrade Features

An upgrade isn’t only just about applying a new coat of paint or replacing some rotted wood. Upgrades can also be about making the deck more functional, improving curb appeal, or just adding some square footage to give you more space.

So consider what you might want to add as a way to give that deck some new life.


Maybe you want to add some railings or replace the ones you already have installed. This is a smart choice for homes that need some type of additional protective barrier to keep anyone from falling off the deck in the event it is raised off the ground. It’s also a great option for preventing any such falls at night. Railings are also ideal for families with small children.

You have a choice when you decide to add railings to your deck. They can be built from scratch or prefabricated so they are much easier to install. The latter is also much more cost effective in many instances.

Better Functionality

You might want to install some built-in seating that can complement any patio furniture you may have out there. Some homeowners are interested planting flowers and plants in and around the deck, if you are one of them you might opt for some flowerboxes as well.

Perhaps a retractable awning is the key to the perfect upgrade. There are plenty of colors and styles from which to choose so you can be sure that spending time out there, particularly in the summer, is always cool and comfortable.

Upgrading your deck to make it more enjoyable to use is often the main reason why homeowners will have this type of work performed,. But even when you are making upgrades due to much needed repairs you can also increase the functionality so you are happy with your deck for as long as you own it.