Should You Go Ductless This Summer?

Home Improvement

Homeowners seeking ac repair albuquerque may ultimately discover they are in the market for a replacement air conditioner unit because fixing the one they already have isn’t worth the cost. But as you consider your options you may be facing a decision as to whether or not you should have ductwork installed as part of the system.

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on, let us consider the many reasons why deciding against putting in ductwork is actually the better choice. Going ductless means foregoing the installation of ducts in the home and choosing instead to go with a variety of air handlers as a means for dispersing your climate-controlled air throughout.

How Ductless AC Systems Work

A ductless system works without the use of ducts for distributing air into each room in the house. It does this with separate air blowers located in every room with one simple purpose – to cool that room. This alternative to ductwork can be much more effective at getting the job done and do so with greater efficiency.

That’s because ducts can leak, allowing your costly climate-controlled air to seep out and forcing you to run the system longer than necessary. You’ll quickly notice the difference when your wallet feels a little lighter due to increased energy costs.

Control Zones

Operating a ductless air conditioning system means you have greater control over the temperature in the room where you are spending your time. With ducts, you’re forced to make every room feel about the same but without ductwork you can adjust the temperature how you like it, not how everyone else in the house would prefer it.

The air handler in each room of the house can be set to warmer and cooler temperatures so every member of the family can live in comfort no matter where they are located at any given time.

That zone control feature can also help you save money since you don’t have to pay to cool down every room in the house at the same time. Going ductless gives you more autonomy with your cooled air, allowing you to shut down the air conditioner in rooms that are empty. That way you can focus on cooling the rooms that matter most and operate your system less often and at shorter periods of time.

Energy Efficient

As we mentioned earlier, ducts can lead to leakage which can increase your energy use. But ductless systems are also rated for high-efficiency with above average SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) compared to more conventional air conditioning systems that incorporate ductwork as a critical component of their functionality.

All Purpose

Another great advantage to going with a ductless system in the home is that you can use it for both cooling and heating the home. So you don’t need to depend on having a central air conditioner unit as well as a central furnace in order to make the home comfortable year-round. That also makes maintenance and service repair a lot less complicated.

Ductless systems provide you with the same level of functionality to meet your needs all year long but without the risks for higher utility costs that are often associated with ductwork.