Sikhami Coaching Center and Institutes: The First App for Coaching Center Institutes and Students


Shikami is the first-ever made app for coach centers and institutes for making their batch visible to the students. So, the whole process is to promote the batches.

In India, we find that everywhere there are tuition classes, but no students know what is going on in other batches. So, when an institute calls for a batch, they could have got more responses if they could promote what they are teaching on that particular batch. But through the help of this app, one student can find out what is going on in other tuition institutes, and if s/he thinks that they are a bit weak in that topic, they can register themselves on that batch.

The other issue is, suppose a student is weak at a particular topic, s/he wants to just go through that topic. They don’t want to register again for the whole subject.

The app is made such that the student gets every kind of information through Sikhami right into their phone app, or their parent’s phone app. The app will also display the fee the batch would take. If the student agrees, s/he will send a request to the app of the institute to check if the batch still had any vacancy. The institute from the other app will accept their request if seats are available.

Now, the student doesn’t have to pay any fee to the app. It is a free app and is used only for notifications. They can pay their fees when they attend their batch. The first class will be a demo class, and then if s/he is satisfied, they will pay the fee at that time.

This app makes the life of the student as well as the institutes easy. So, if you are an institute or a student, download your respective apps as well as start sending/getting information on the batches.

Work Flow of App – How it Works

For knowing work flow please see this video:

App links:

1. Student’s App:
2. Teacher’s App: