Tips to prepare for an exam


Following are a few study tips:

  • Study every day: Studying every day for one hour is more helpful than studying for 7 hours on a single day. By studying every day, you are giving more time to your brain to understand the topics as it requires more time to process the concepts.
  • Read the textbook: Reading textbook is very helpful as it has a specific syllabus and the concepts are explained in simple language. If the prescribed textbook language is difficult to understand, then make full use of the library. There are plenty of books explaining the same concepts. Also, textbooks provide simple definitions like the definition of instantaneous speed, different laws, etc.
  • Read the textbook before class: Knowing what will be discussed in class a day before will make it easy to grasp the concepts.
  • Don’t miss class. Pay attention in class: Grades and attendance go hand in hand. When a concept is taught in class, the teacher might give a lot of information and tips to remember the concepts. By not attending the class, you miss out on that learning opportunity.
  • Be an active learner: This means trying to solve problems on your own, participating in class discussions and most importantly, being an active listener. Try making notes of important points that are discussed during group discussions.
  • Work with others: Combined studies can be a boon as well as a curse if not utilized properly. It should be very clear between you and your friends that you have gathered to study and not to waste time on unnecessary topics.

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