Other things that you ought to know about vape mods


There is so much that you have to learn regarding vaping  and especially the vape mods. Read to understand about other vape mods that are available in the market:

AIO Vapes

Just like with the start kits, the AIO – all in one vapes are known to be quite easy and very convenient. They are operated commonly using a single button, but there are some people who tend to prefer to take a draw using the mouth piece. AIOs are outfitted with internal batteries and a charging port, and thus, no need to carry the batteries around. All you will require to do is to charge and then fill the pod. 

The designs which are ultra-compact plus the production of lower vapor levels tend to make the device to be quite portable as compared to the others in the market. if you are transitioning from smoking, then the AIO vape kit might be the best choice to take. 

Vape starter kits

It is the best one for newbies and also for the vapers who are already experienced. They are the type of kits that provide convenience which is exceptional. Most of the starter kits do avail themselves with coils, mod that is in a box or tube form, vape tank, charging cable, coils and a variety of other parts to be used as spares. All you are required to do is adding batteries and you are ready to move. Additionally, you will also be able to choose the CBD vape juice which is high quality and enjoy the best experience.


While all the variety of vapes can be called e-cigarettes, the term is normally used for the ciga-like ones which are similar to a normal cigarette in size and shape. And they are normally in different designs. You can get them in a single piece or two pieces which are disposable, while a two piece e-cigarette tend to be outfitted with cartridges which are replaceable.

E-cigarettes are normally convenient, small, affordable, easy to use, discreet, and quite perfect for stealth vaping.

Vape pens

As compared to the vape pens, e-cigarettes are known to be quite large and are known to perform better than the ciga-like type. While they might tend to vary when it comes to size, they are known to be compact enough to be held in your hand. And they do have two components; the battery plus the tank. They are either detachable or you can find them in a design that is all in one. 

Some of the benefits that you will get with vape pens include ease of use, enhanced performance, coils and cartridges which are replaceable, and battery life that are longer. the vaping devices are suited perfectly for the intermediate vapers. 

After you vape for a while, you can decide to develop a desire to try using a device on a different level. But it might at times prove to be hard choosing the high quality vape for the intermediate. Vapes for newbies are known to be quite easy to spot and offer an easy way for experimenting on various types of vape juices