Organize The Review Funnel For E-Commerce


All e-commerce companies want a review funnel to get a valid reference on autopilot. Like all points in this article, the top companies do it poorly.

Most companies get product reviews incorrectly and end up with spammy customers. For example, they will call on a rating of 0 to 10; how likely is it that someone will forward the product to a friend? This is not a productive way to get good reviews.

The plan we made created thousands of assessments, as well as being simple to do. The order is shipped after 14-21 days, or when a customer is expected to have withdrawn the product, an automated email should be sent, with subjects such as: “Did you withdraw the product you placed?”

Now you’re just tracking to see if you’re on time or not and giving the customer a chance to let them know if they’re satisfied. It’s also an excellent method of telling them your problems before they give you a negative assessment.

Great are the emails that are annotated in a personal way, as if you were writing to a friend who places an order online at your store. You should follow a natural process, such as “Hello, has your order arrived? Is it uninterrupted? What are your thoughts on this?” A review template is here that can be copied and pasted, and it works well.

Now that you know they did it ask them to give feedback on what they liked or improved. After that, you must ask for a product review.

Your customers should be directed to Facebook, Google Maps, product page, or anywhere you’d like to take comments. Links can sometimes be added for all platforms; they will comment on all platforms if they are pleased and satisfied. However, make sure they are happy and satisfied.

Automating this review process will give you testimonials. It will even expose potential issues with your business. These issues should be known to maintain the quality of your reviews and even the star rating. Once you get a pattern getting positive reviews (great job!), that’s what you should do. An exact template is here, which we use to get thousands of reviews across the web.

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