Must-Visit Places For the Vacation Plan During winter in japan


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In Japan, you can witness four distinct seasons- spring, fall, summer, and winter. Each of the seasons has some special attractions waiting for the tourists. But winter is more special as the temperature drops considerably and the deposition of the white layers of snow changes the landscapes completely. The stunning sceneries make it worth spending winter in japanThe Sapporo festival is quite famous all around the world, but it is not the only attraction of the Japanese winter. Visiting Hakodate at Hokkaido will be a wonderful experience as the snowfall is lesser and you can enjoy the trips to Goryokaku, the fort of the Edo period. 

Nagano or the Monkey Onsen

A winter visit to Japan must include a visit to the Snow Monkey Park in the Nagano Prefecture. Wild monkeys inhabit the area during winter, and you can see them enjoying the hot bath in the outdoor hot springs. If you are lucky enough, you can even see a group of 50 to 60 monkeys relaxing in the natural hot water springs. Wear walking shoes, cover the steep path to the park at 850 meters above sea level and take pictures of the monkeys closely resemble the humans. 

Shirakawago or Gifu

UNESCO declared Gifu as the World Heritage Site in the year 1995. It is again on the list of must-visit places, especially for your winter trip to Japan. The small village lies in a mountainous area where you can see several traditional Japanese houses. The people live in harmony with Nature and preserve the buildings n very good condition., then green rice fields of summer turn white during the winter, providing a tranquil view to the visitors. Walk around the small villages where the communities stay in harmony with Nature for many years. Enjoying seasonal beauty is complete with visits to these places.