Make Your Smoking Experience Fun with Bongs


Girls are very fond of the choices they make. Girly bongs in one such thing for girls who wanna enjoy smoking. All these types of bongs have a delicate design, floral patterns, pastel hues and are best suited for those types of females who love a little flair with their smoke.

What makes Girly Bongs so good?

One of the most oblivious reasons that people prefer bongs instead of traditional glass pipes is that the bongs have the feature of water filtration. When a person chooses smoking through cigars instead of bongs then he or she can risk his health by inhaling burnt ash or tar. But if a person uses a bong, then the ash instead of entering into your lungs gets trapped in the water. Bongs also help in trapping harmful carcinogens and toxins that are present in dry herbs, which can be inhaled while smoking when you use a traditional pipe. With the advantage of water filtration in bongs the smoke cools down before a person inhales it, this does not affect your lungs and also doesn’t cause any irritation to your throat. 

How to smoke a Girly Bong?

If you are a first-time smoker, then you may not know how to use a bong. Relax; no need to worry about this because here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a bong.

  1. Fill the Bong with water – at first fill water in your bong. Make sure that you fill it just above any percolators or downstems of your bong. The level of water to be filled in the bopng depends upon the type and size of the bong. 
  2. Grind up your dry herbs – though you can use your hands but the best way for ensuring a consistent grind that will not clog your bowl is using an herb grinder. You should grind your herbs as fine as it can be grinded. 
  3. Packs herbs into the bowl the bong bowl is generally being of funnel shape that holds the dry herbs in the bong. To allow airflow through the bowl make sure that you don’t pack the herb so tightly.
  4. Light your bowl – hold the bong in your hand when you are done with everything and then place your mouth over the mouthpiece. You need to make sure that your lips should go inside the mouthpiece for creating an airtight seal. Now light your dry herbs and at the same time continue inhaling it. Once you get the amount of smoke you prefer to stop lightening it. Then pull the bowl out of the bong after a few seconds and continue inhaling to clear the bong’s chamber. 

Girly bongs are available in different patterns and colors so that you can get the bong according to your preference. Smoking from bongs is really the healthiest way anyone can ever go for. When you compare bongs with other dry glass pipes than bongs will give you a much cooler, smoother, and better-tasting experience. 

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