Few location based geo targeting strategy you need to know


With the rapid rise of technology today, Ip address geolocation has become of immense help in marketing. It is now easier to create personalized and well-targeted marketing campaigns with the help of geolocations. Unfortunately, location-based technology is not a concept well-known by most people, including those who would benefit highly from it. Luckily, when you learn the location-based geo-targeting strategies, then it will be of great help in your business’s marketing. Below are some of these geo-targeting strategies that you should know.

Mobile Targeting

It is targeting where you aim at customers through ads on their phones. When using this advertising form, you make sure that your ad is context-specific based on the device, time, and location. When you are using mobile targeting, you will likely have more significant returns, especially if you have a well-targeted approach. You also have a chance to reach out to your customers in a more personalized connection on their devices. It is, therefore, more comfortable to lure more customers to your business.


Geotargeting helps identify a potential customer’s position and later send them personalized marketing messages for that extraordinary experience. It is perfect for companies looking to sell their brand to specific households through methods like direct mail campaigns. Ip address geolocation provides particular customer locations, such as the country and zip code. Geotargeting is recommendable since it promotes the customer experience through the personalization of the messages. It is also possible for business persons to target user needs based on their location-specific needs, thus luring them more. Ip Address Geolocation is the most effective way for businesses to boost their sales for more returns. You can reach previous and potential customers to retain loyal ones while gaining others.


Geofencing involves the process of creating a boundary in a specific location. The target audience becomes an active target of the strategy being used after they join this boundary. When in this boundary, they can receive offers and other marketing offers in the periphery. You create the border by utilizing the GPS technology, and target customers receive notifications as soon as they get in the notification. Geofencing is ideal since it allows you to reach out to extensive coverage, for instance, in event spaces. You can also easily reach out to many customers who are within a specific geographical position.


Geo-conquesting uses location technology to reach out to target users when you have high competition. It uses location data to direct your potential customers away from your target audience. It involves getting into a boundary, and when the customer is in the periphery, they are given an offer that will lure them to following you. This strategy can help you get ahead of your competitors and win the market share within a short time. You also encourage your customers and prove to them why shopping in your business is better than your competitors.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity targeting allows you to target advertising and marketing campaigns to people within a range of a geofence. Proximity marketing can work best for you when inviting people to an event or show. Additionally, it will help you reach out to people within a range of a geofence or a beacon.


Location-based marketing can benefit your business in various ways and within a short time. You can target your potential customers in the right way. At DB-IP, we provide quality geolocation database services to help businesses reach target customers more efficiently.