Reasons to prefer black angus Among the Variety of breeds


When it comes to the preparation of the beefsteak, the black angus is the universal favorite of chefs. The intramuscular fat content of this breed is high, which leads to better marbling. If you know much about cooking steak, you will also know that marbling is the key factor behind the flavor and tenderness of the meat. While grilling, the intramuscular fat will melt and provide continuous moisture to the meat. So it will be juicy instead of dry steak. The gradation of beef is mostly on the basis of marbling, and the prime grade is those with the highest marbling. 

Cooking angus beef

Angus beef is a special breed of cattle and not some type of beef. So the cooking procedure will remain the same as with other varieties of meat. The ground Angus beef needs more cooking, and you have to continue cooking until there is no trace of pink color. Of course, for preparing the burgers, such an extent of cooking is unnecessary. As the Angus variety is expensive, you should take special care while preparing the steak. Overcooking will ruin the taste. The taste of the beef is so good because of the fat liquefication. It cooks in the oil coming out from the burning of the fat, and that’s the secret of the unparalleled flavor. 

Be careful about the selection

Inspection of the beef is a mandatory regulation for the sake of food safety. However, it does not include the determination of whether the beef is an original Angus or not. Visual inspection is sufficient to prove the breed of the cattle. So it is necessary to verify before purchasing the meat or meat products. With an Angus label, the seller can sell off the beef at a higher price. But you should not allow so. Check the quality and phenotype before purchasing.