Different Types Of Liposuction And Their Recovery Methods Involved


Liposuction is a technique used to remove the extra fat deposited in the body using surgical methods. This is a technique that is gaining a lot of importance these days as it is completely based on giving the users a weigh free body. But when a person thinks of removing the fat, there are many spots in the body where the fat is deposited in excess, and they do not have a frequent and well functional body. 

So for that people, it is observed that the Liposuction (ดูดไขมัน) could be used at many different parts of the body. Such different body parts include hips, chin, thighs, stomach, arms and many other places. One should also remember that there are available different types of Liposuction techniques that could be followed while having the surgery. 

We are going to discuss below some of the basic ideology that is related to the technique. The different types all share some common articles, such as a cannula, a thin tube and a vacuum. Below are mentioned three varieties of Liposuction, and one should always consider them. 

  • SmartLipo – 

This technique is also known as the Laser-assisted liposuction process because of the involvement of laser to remove the fat. Moreover, it is depicted that the lased who is assisted here produces an energy that is used in liquefying the fat from the body. And as soon as the fat is liquefied, it could be removed from the body easily. 

  • UAL – 

The name UAL is an abbreviation for the Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction, which uses ultrasound for treating fat issues. Here is used the sound energy to fight against the walls of the fat cells and destroy them properly. When the fat cells are ruptured, they are converted into liquid form, and finally, they could be easily sucked out with the help of the vacuum. 

  • Tumescent liposuction –

A tumescent technique is thought to be the most common and basically used surgery method for removing fat. In this, a sterile solution is injected inside the body at the fatty region, and then the saline solution present in it performs the main function. Along with the solution, two more chemicals are injected, namely epinephrine and lidocaine, which reduces the pain and blood loss and makes the suction easier. 

Recovery Time Of The Surgery

Depending upon the type of surgery that the person undertook, the recovery time initiates. But still, after the surgery, there may occur swelling, bruising or soreness that may persist for few weeks. Still, if the swelling extends, the doctors always suggest that the patients wear some compressive clothes because that would help in further swelling. These clothes need to be worn for about a month or two to get the desired results. 


Up till now, you must have understood the different types of liposuction procedures that could be used on the human body. Besides them, a user can also have to use the best preventive methods to resist the general issues created after the surgery.