10 Top Features Of Jelly Beer Cooler!

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If you are an owner of a store then you must keep a beer for customers. However, what you do to keep it always fresh and cool? Well, if you don’t have a dedicated beer cooler then you should spend money on high quality beer cooler. No doubt, there are number of options available in the market, but you should choose the top option that comes with best features and qualities. You should go for Jelly beer cooler (ตู้แช่เบียร์วุ้น) that has dedicated cooling control system and it coming with thermal insulation that can keep you beer bottles fresh and cool.

What are the top features of jelly beer cooler?

You are lucky to have such a great option of Jelly beer cooler because it comes with mind-blowing features that are not possible with common fridge. Therefore, you can kick out the common fridge that is coming in standard size and easily broke your beer bottles and choose the top option always. Here are some dedicated features of best jelly beer cooler-

  1. Let me start from with the cooling control system that makes it very unique. An automatic cooling control system with digital control system and temperature display makes it very useful.
  2. Capacity of the fridge really matters a lot, especially when you are running a common store where you need to place more than 50 beers. This amazing cooler can equip more than 70 bottles.
  3. Compressor size also matters, so it coming with 1/6 horsepower that make it stronger enough to make your beer bottle always cool and fresh.
  4. Not only this, you would like to use the cooling system of this amazing jelly beer cooler that is available in copper pipes or you can call it copper line.
  5. 0 to -10 degrees Celsius temperature that is possible to set by the users of the jelly beer cooler anytime for making the beer cool always.
  6. External cabinet raw material that is electro-galvanized coated steel that never being bend or even get spoil when you use it.
  7. As far as other material of the interior of floor then we can say that it is made with aluminum sheet, plastic coasted and smooth surface that is mostly white.
  8. A LED bulb that is already available in the fridge, so you don’t need to use a torch in order to find out the beer that should be cool.
  9. If we talk about the sewage system then there is a sewer pipe available and also the wheel that are attached with the fridge to move it anywhere you want to move in the whole are of store.
  10. Thermal insulation that is available in cyclopentane foam that can make your beer very cool always and other things fresh in the cooling system.

We have mentioned some dedicated benefits of using this amazing jelly beer cooler at store or anywhere else. It is looking very attractive when you place it into the store, so you should simply spend money on high quality fridge always.