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Two of the most typical types of damage that occur to homes and businesses are fire and water damage. When you’re looking for the best fire and water damage restoration Provo Utah offers, give us a call. Our professional restoration crews will work to return your damaged space to its original condition.

Fire can blow out windows and doors from the pressure it creates in a building, in addition to the burning it causes. Smoke leaves a persistent odor no one wants to have around, and etching can happen within 72 hours because of fire, smoke, and soot. Soot can cause respiratory health troubles if it is not removed correctly. Additionally, you can get mold in the structure from the water sprayed to extinguish the fire.

Cleaning up after a fire is not easy. In fact, it can be very dangerous. However, our team members are trained and prepared to help you restore your home or office to a safe and usable condition following a fire.

Water damage can occur when a pipe or hose bursts, when there are problems with the plumbing system, or when water builds up in areas that collect moisture, like attics, basements, and crawl spaces. When appliances don’t work properly, or when there are problems with heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems, or if storms are present, water damage is also likely.

Water doesn’t just damage or destroy the items or furnishings in your home or office. It can also affect the structure itself. Mold can grow, and this can cause serious health issues. When you call after you discover water damage, we arrive as quickly as we can and begin drying out and dehumidifying your home. We stop leaks, and make sure water cannot enter the affected space anymore.

Our technicians are trained and have experience handling a wide variety of disasters beyond just fire and water damage. We will do all we can to save as many items that can be restored as possible. Sometimes, we have to discard possessions if they are too contaminated to restore completely, but we will always return the space to its original condition with new materials if that is the case.

When you need the best fire and water damage restoration Provo Utah offers, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to be of service. You can be confident in our ability and commitment to return your home or business to its original state.