Best fishes to target when going on a fishing trip to Thailand


Thailand is the home to some of the best fishing spots having some amazing fish species that the fishing enthusiasts might want to catch. It is due to this reason that fishing tour in Thailand is gaining popularity and people from all around the world visit here to add to their fishing experience. No matter, you want to go freshwater fishing or salt water fishing; there are numerous spots for the activity. If you are a beginner, you can also consider opting for guided tours offered by various fishing parks and resorts. 

Different types of fish species to catch in Thailand

Common carp – It is basically found in the Lake Mohave, flaming gorge reservoir, Aral Sea, etc. The body mass of the common carp is 2-14 kilograms. This fish is mainly found in freshwater lakes and also the water bodies in Europe and Asia. Common crap also bears a low level of oxygen. They can also be found in brackish waters.

Wels catfish – This fish is also referred to as the sheatfish. This fish is found mostly in Lake Constance and also in the basins of the Caspian, Black, and Baltic Sea. 13ft is the size of the Wels catfish. 400kg is the maximum weight of this fish. They generally feed on the animals that live in the water bodies. This fish is found in freshwater places.

European seabass – These fishes are essentially ocean-going fish. You can also see these fish in the fresh and brackish water. It is also referred to as the sea dance and table fish. This fish is generally marketed by spigola, branzino, robalo, Mediterranean seabass and brinzino. They feed on small fishes such as polychaetes, cephalopods, and crustaceans. Boonsawang is the best place in Thailand to catch this fish.