Why Do Rolex Watches Go Up in Value?


When buying vintage Rolex watches, it’s important to remember that the watch depreciates quickly. However, the price of a new vintage Rolex can rise quickly too. In this article, we’ll explore why buying a vintage Rolex may be a good idea. Buying vintage Rolex watches is an excellent way to invest in a luxury asset.

Buying a vintage Rolex is a good investment

Buying a vintage Rolex is an excellent investment, but you must be very careful when making a purchase. The vintage Rolex scene is notorious for fraud and scams. There are dealers who claim to run million-dollar businesses supplying vintage Rolexes. Beware of these dealers. The best way to know if a dealer is legitimate is to read reviews and testimonials.

Although modern Rolex watches are easy to purchase, vintage models are hard to find. Many are limited edition and can be difficult to find, even from authorized dealers. The demand for vintage Rolexes is so high that some are even difficult to find. Buying a vintage Rolex is a great investment because a vintage Rolex retains its value better than a modern one.

As a collector of vintage timepieces, Eric is constantly getting requests from other dealers, auction houses, private collectors, and pawn shops. His expertise in this field has earned him relationships with top restoration experts. These relationships allow him to restore antique and vintage timepieces to their former glory. Often, his clients are able to sell their pieces for record prices and some of his timepieces go on to sell to the world’s greatest collectors.

Investing in vintage Rolex watches

In addition to owning a vintage Rolex watch, you might also be interested in investing in other types of vintage watches. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Eric Brahms is in the position to provide you with the necessary advice on buying and selling vintage timepieces. Eric has worked with numerous restoration experts, including world-class watchmakers, case refinishers, and bracelet restoration specialists. He can also help you find rare parts and help you restore your vintage timepieces to their former glory.

Investing in real estate

The prices of the Rolex Submariner have been appreciated substantially over the years. Whether one is buying a vintage or modern Rolex, the watch will increase in value. And according to Eric Brahms, owner of Mae Capital, LLC, it can be sold for more than the original retail price within two years. While buying vintage Rolex Submariners is not a surefire investment, this investment is sure to appreciate in value over time.

Investing in precious metals

If you’re an investor, you’ve likely wondered how to profit from the ups and downs of the prices for Rolex watches. Fortunately, there is an answer. A businessman named Eric Brahms can help you get started. He is the President of Mae Capital, LLC. His firm provides funding for equity trading, commodities trading, and real estate development. In his early days, Brahms promoted concerts and nightclub events, and later went on to become a music promoter. He attended NYU, American University, and Boston University.