Why a Bigger Bum is the Hottest Trend?


There was a time in history when the perfect body for women was considered to be the slim type. Many clothes were made to help women’s butt look smaller, especially jeans. However, the tide has changed in the 21st century entirely. Today, the curvier a lady looks, the more beautiful she is perceived. This notion has led to the coming up of several cosmetic surgery clinics for butt lift procedures in Poland and abroad. The procedures are quite affordable, leaving customers satisfied with amazing figures. Discover More.

The Genesis of Big Butt Societal Embrace

The image of a sizeable lady started picking up in the early 2000s. However, it was not around 2012 that the trend drastically hit the rooftops. In a piece drafted by Vogue, the butts’ obsession took a whole new spiral after the celebrity, Jennifer Lopez, appeared on the annual Grammy Awards in a green Versace dress that revealed her curves perfectly. Ever since the public display, Dr. Constantino Mendieta G. confirmed that he received patients asking for a butt makeover to resemble Lopez’s curves. By this time, the hourglass figure was already a trending topic. Since early 2012, people had already started searching on Google for butt workouts and bum lifts.

Celebrities Contribution

A lot of beauty expectations have been encouraged by celebrity images and perceptions. Though the hourglass figure conversation was already on TV, Lopez’s photo increased the momentum of its discussion. Other celebrities such as Beyoncé have also contributed to the popularity of a beauty defined by bodies that are not precisely size 8. Serena Williams confessed to having struggled to accept her body curves and her coming out encouraged the likes of Kim Kardashian to embrace their curvy body shapes as well. Such public confessions lead to many women appreciating their full figures, and young ladies preferring bigger butts.

Why the Big Butt Obsession?

The big butt discussion has many theories that have contributed to its modern popularity. There some who attribute the trend to a decline in cultural values and internet influence. However, there is also a number of medical inclination to the same. It has been said a woman who is curvy in terms of broad hips and a 45 degree spine angle experiences few complications when giving birth. The beauty factor only comes in as a natural consequence. However, it is still not clear if this is the main reason since, around the same time, porn was made highly accessible, which praised rounded butts, driving more women to consider bum lifts.


The significant bum trend has led to practices such as medical tourism. People still have divided opinions on the same with those for the practice claiming that big bums encourage full-size women to embrace their nature. Others again say that it is a social trend that makes slimmer women feel deficient. However, whichever the case, the fact remains that the praise of bigger bum has made a significant impact on the beauty revolution and has led to the growth of several businesses.