Which Upcoming NFT Projects Are You Most Excite


Due to the success of some non-fungible token projects in 2021, non-fungible token initiatives have risen in popularity. Essentially, a slew of enterprises has evolved as a result of individuals realizing that they can earn a lot of money.

Assuming that you already have a working knowledge of NFTs, we will skip over detailing how they function.  These are mostly NFT games. And, yeah, NFT games are a tad pricey to play right now because of Ethereum’s high gas prices. Fortunately, with the introduction of Ethereum 2.0 in a few months, this will change.

The Most Exciting Upcoming NFT Projects

Again, these are mostly game-based endeavours since, well, games are a bit more predictable than the next CryptoPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club clone to hit the market. Having said that, some of the copycat enterprises will almost certainly earn a fortune in the future. They are just difficult to forecast since the success of such initiatives is contingent upon the team’s commitment to promoting the product outside the blockchain.

Additionally, we will concentrate on NFT initiatives on the Ethereum network. While there are some successful initiatives on other blockchains,Ethereum has unquestionably surpassed them in terms of NFT market share. Concentrating on Ethereum makes perfect sense since that is where the money is.


Bitcolors is an original take on the standard upcoming nft projects. For those who are unfamiliar, the majority of NFT art endeavours concentrate around, well, art. The art does not have to be excellent (i.e. Crypto Punks), but it must be distinctive. In any case, Bitcolors are unusual in that the NFTs are not works of art. NFTs are simply one-of-a-kind colours offered as an NFT.

It’s an intriguing concept and somewhat unusual. Both of these factors contribute to its enormous development potential since the NFT market as a whole adores distinctiveness. Everyone believes that this initiative is sufficiently unusual to deserve some consideration.



CyberKongs is not a forthcoming NFT project due to the discontinuation of the original product line. They are keeping them on the list because a number of these projects have secondary releases that might become lucrative in a few years.

Anyway, they likeCyberKongs because it is so much more than a work of NFT art. The CyberKongs team is now working on converting the two-dimensional models to three-dimensional models. They even want to release a game that makes use of the original NFTs.


Loot is another initiative that has already had some success. However, since Loot is so unlike other NFTs, it must be included on the list. For starters, Loot NFTs are nothing more than an item inventory list.

That is correct, Loot is a list of goods. The NFTs consist of white letters on a black backdrop. The NFT is a test to assess whether a community would form around an NFT project. Thus far, things have worked out well, with individuals transforming the list items into artwork and discussing developing a game.

Again, this project has already begun, but a follow-up is presently underway. It might prove to be an excellent speculative NFT if a community does materialize. While possessing one of the initial 8,000 NFTs is preferable, acquiring a rare Loot NFT from the second release may be valuable. If you are unable to locate what you are searching for here, you may click here to see what this marketplace has to offer.