What to Know About Universal Travel Adapter

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Universal travel adapter plug is an essential travel accessory for travelers, and they come in cheap universal travel adapter Price (universal travel adapter ราคา, which is the term in Thai).

Are They Truly Universal?

They will work in Australia, China, France, the U.S., Japan, and several other countries around the world. Power adapter has a USB cable connection for use with tablets, smartphones, and GPS devices. This universal adapter plug must be used with products that match voltage requirements of the country being visited. Travel adapter will convert to D.C. for a USB port.

How Are They Designed?

On the female part of the universal travel adaptor is a universal socket to plug in your electrical plugs from the U.S., Australia, U.K.China, UK; a USB cable port is on the bottom for you to plug in your iPad or smartphone; to the top is a North America polarized socket for your polarized United States electrical power plugs.

To make use of your universal travel adapter in the UK, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, draw out the two round pins as well as the plastic parts of the adapter plug. To use in China, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries in the Oceania area draw out the straight pins and rotate them 45 degrees.

To make use of your universal travel adapter in Denmark, Israel, Italy, and other European countries, draw out the two round pins. Unscrew the pins to enlarge by turning the pins counter-clockwise if the socket is recessed. To screw back the continental Europe pins, turn the pins clockwise. To use your universal travel adapter in Japan, Taiwan, and North America draw out the two straight pins, to make the pins straight up and down. Electrical wall sockets around the world differ in size, shape, arrangement of outlet holes.

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