What to do to transact with safety online?


If you wish to transact with your digital 꽁머니 online, it is necessary to follow these things. 

To-dos to transact online

Site security matters

You would have witnessed something like HTTP and HTTPS before the domain name of almost all websites that you visit. It is the identification factor that lets you know whether your private information is entered on the website is secure and does not go to the hands of hackers. However, sites that come up with HTTPS are only secure and they would encrypt the information you provide. If the website’s domain starts with HTTP, you should know that the website is not secured. However, the browser itself will show you that it is not secured. If you provide sensitive details like your card details on an HTTP site, these details will be visible for the hackers and there would not be any encryption. Hence, you should check whether the site is secured or not before entering your private information.

Strongest password protects

Whatever account you have in the digital space, there would be a natural way to protect it. It is the use of a password for accessing the account. Let us consider that you have a simple password that even a school kid could predict. If so, you could not stop the scammers and fakers to enter your account easily. So, every digital account must have a password that could not be guessed or easily tried by anyone. If your password is something that requires even yourself to use a note to type in every time, you will succeed in the first step of protecting your account. Regardless of the importance of the account, you should practice keeping a strong password forever. 

Know the privacy policy

If you visit a website, you will mandatorily find a privacy policy page that would contain the details about data collection and usage. For instance, you will get to know the types of data the website would get from you and how could it use them. If a company shares the user’s data with other companies, you can find this on its privacy policy. 

Avoid the unknown emails

You would get tons of emails every day and only a few would be legitimate and necessary. So, you should try reading only those emails that come from reliable and wanted sources. Let us assume that you are getting an email of offer announcement from any of the e-commerce platforms. Even if the platform is real, you can get those offers by visiting their websites directly. There is no need to click on the links on these emails. If the e-commerce website mentioned in the email is not known to you, you should do nothing but avoiding the mail as it is. It should be a fake email for sure. Using the festival and holiday seasons, many spammers would form such emails to trick you to some other websites where your private information would get looted.