What Science and Feng Shui Tell You About Fish Tanks

Home Improvement

Having a pet in your home in Salt Lake City can bring beautiful feelings of happiness, love, and companionship. However, some pets, like fish, can increase your wealth, improve your well-being, and give you better career opportunities. 

So go ahead and buy that fish tank on sale because there are a lot of reasons to do it.  If you’re a beginner, you can do the initial set up by adding a natural water softener in the tank to make it a safe and healthy environment for your fish. After that, you can reap all the benefits that your little marine paradise can offer.

Science says that…

  1. Aquariums reduce stress levels

Exposure and interaction with nature have a calming effect on humans who are experiencing stress. Studies show that short 20-minute contact with nature can significantly lower the level of stress hormones. Bringing a piece of this environment inside your home means an extensive nature experience. So even a small aquarium in the corner of your living room can make a big difference. The colorful images of the fishes, the sound of bubbles, and the sight of biodiversity in one tank can help you escape the stress of daily grind and have a relaxing, stress-free time. 

  1. Fish tanks decrease anxiety

A study shows that looking at underwater settings in a tank is just like listening to the sound of waves, running streams, and raindrops. That is why some surgeons and dentists display fish tanks to calm their patients. Even pediatricians use fish aquariums to help children relax before and during their treatment. A study at Plymouth University shows that the sight of fishes and whirling weeds has a great ability to calm an infant who suffers from separation anxiety. 

A fish tank is also a natural alternative in treating patients who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety disorder. Colorful fishes swimming in a tank provide an excellent diversion and calms the human mind and free it from sorrows.

Feng shui says that…

  1. Aquariums bring abundance, activate luck, and produce positive energy.

Feng shui experts believe that having a fish tank in your home would attract money and bring prosperity. Feng shui practices require you to get the best food for your fishes as they believe that feeding a hungry fish with good food is good karma. However, there are some guidelines that you need to follow to ensure that your fish tank will attract only positive energy.

  1. The living room is the best location for your aquarium.

Never put it in the bedroom because its constant motion and electric energy will disturb the bedroom’s Yin/Yang balance. Likewise, do not put your aquarium in the kitchen as the Water element can kill the kitchen’s vital energy: Fire.

  • Place the fish tank in the north if you want better opportunities in your career.
  • Go East if you want to attract good health.
  • Position the aquarium in the Southeast to nourish your finances.
  • If you notice a poison arrow that points towards your house (ex. a corner of an establishment), put the aquarium opposite the arrow to fight the negative energy.

Observing marine life in the serene aquatic environment is an excellent source of relaxation. But you don’t have all the time or courage to go to ocean parks or dive. The best way is to make a mini marine environment in your home and make the aquatic exploration an everyday experience.