What is a star gift, and what are the popular constellations?


Star gift

You may be wondering what to get to your loved ones on their special occasions as a gift. They will be happy with whatever gift you present them out of your love. But you must make them feel overwhelmed with your extra effort and actions. So, instead of going with a traditional gift, you should consider something unique and unimaginable. How about naming a star after your loved ones as their special occasion gift? You can literally buy a star in the night sky and name it after the person you love. There is a lot of star registries out there to help you with the processes. However, owning a star from the registry does not mean that you can go to it, or the scientific operations on it will take place under your approval. But you can get a certificate with the person’s name on it. Apart from the certificate, the name will be registered in the database of the provider. You will also get a virtual star page that has various details about the star along with its location. You can surprise your loved ones with this unexpected gift and make them feel loved. There will be an option to choose a star from the 88 constellations out there in the night sky. You can choose the constellation and star type based on your wish. Some will think of buying a star from the constellation that represents the zodiac sign of the person who is going to get the certificate. In such cases, it is necessary to know the popular constellations out there. In this article, let us discuss some of these constellations in brief.

Famous constellations in the night sky

Aries – Aries is known for human qualities such as leadership and authority. You can find the constellation as a curved line connecting four or five stars in the night sky. Aries is considered as the symbolic representation of ram in Greek mythology. If your loved one’s zodiac is Aries, you can choose any star from this constellation.

Canis major – Canis major is the easily spottable constellation in the night sky. It has the brightest star in the sky known as Sirius. You can spot this in late summer. It will look like a long stick with a head and a rear end with two extensions.

Gemini – As mentioned in Greek mythology, Gemini is a twin consisting of Castor and Pollux transformed into permanent stars after the death of Castor. You can spot the constellation in the night sky as the combination of two stars in the form of a U. You can find this in winter.

Leo – Leo is a mighty lion in Greek mythology that is believed to be killed by Hercules. There will be a triangular shape of stars connected at the top with an inverted question mark shape.

Lyra – Lyra is a tilted square in the night sky with a small extension at the top.