What factors should you consider while carrying a concealed gun holster?


You may say that when it comes to find out the best kind of holster and to buy it for your gun, the whole process may seem a bit challenging. Additionally, there are many holster vendors, and some may offer suggestions for holster wear that may now work for you.

Certain holsters are inexpensive, while others are very costly. Not every one of them is worthy of your time. However, we have talked to many gun owners who prefer using custom leather holsters for their firearms for various advantageous reasons.

That is because there are many variables that contribute to the design of holsters, and not everyone who sells them hits all of the best holster points. Not every model you choose will offer you the best comfort in the case of holster.

If you are not much familiar about this topic, let’s take some time to read this guide of ours where we have discussed the aspects, including how to properly wear a holster.

Which one would be better among OWB and IWB?

For better experience, you will need to make a significant choice at this point. The choice will depend on how you would like to wear your holster.You can either wear it outside of your waist band or the opposite one which is inside the waist band.

Outer or OWB

These holsters are less difficult to conceal than inside-the-waistband holsters because they need an article of clothing to conceal your pistol and holster completely. The plus thing for you would be that OWB holsters are more comfortable to wear. And they are a preferable option during the colder months due to their ease of wear. You may choose crossdraw holstersand easily can wear with this style we are talking about.


IWB holsters are more easy to conceal but somewhat less comfortable as research shows. Know that these tend to function well in the summer. Particularly when you are not wearing a sweater and yet still need concealment for your handgun.


If a holster gives you discomfort, it is probably not the ideal choice for you. If you are new to wearing a holster, it may take some time to adjust and find out the right style of yours.But consider the following considerations first.

  1. If the holster you have chosen is digging into your side, you should remove it and discard it.
  2. A well-fitting holster will remain with you throughout the day without calling attention to itself. Means you won’t realize it’s presence all the time which will be comfortable.
  3. There are well-designed belt clips and a high degree of flexibility comes with all these which may guarantee that your holster fits comfortably regardless of what you are wearing.


When it comes to hiding your holster, you should also check for flexibility in it. The fact will allow you to change the holster’s angle and height. It will help you understand how to fit in with your body and clothing.