What etiquette should we be aware of when attending Comic-Con?




Attending a cosplay event is a lot of fun, but to avoid any unnecessary hassles, there are some civilized etiquette rules we should follow at the venue. As you prepare to go to a Comic-Con event, please be aware of these etiquette guidelines.


  • Visitor Etiquette:
  1. If you want to take a photo of a cosplayer, you should get the cosplayer’s permission. Respect the cosplayer’s wishes, especially if you want to take a group photo, and be careful not to get in the way of the other photographers. For more details on what to look for, see the section [Etiquette in Photography].
  2. Don’t criticize cosplayers; cosplay is a hobby that consumes a lot of your time and energy, unlike exhibition or performance activities. Therefore, regardless of your personal preferences, it is very rude and disrespectful to comment on cosplayers. It is especially inappropriate to comment in public, whether on a site, website, etc.


  • Etiquette in Photography
  1. Be aware of locations where you cannot stop to photograph. Avoid stopping to shoot in crowded places because of the large number of people in the convention hall.
  2. In terms of equipment selection, photographers should avoid carrying suspicious equipment. The most important thing is to keep the equipment you bring with you. 
  3. Before taking a photo, be sure to get permission from the subject and explain to the cosplayer the purpose of the photo. It is rude to take photos without permission, and role-playing is a very demanding activity where we must respect and appreciate the efforts of the cosplayer.


  • Etiquette for cosplayer role-playing
  1. Be aware of your personal behavior: Cosplay is a public event, and especially in a venue, we should not exaggerate our behavior or act in a way that is misleading or unpleasant. In public, every move a cosplayer makes is a reflection of the entire cosplay culture, and every cosplayer should be aware of this.
  2. Dancing, throwing, and other activities should be done on a stage provided by the organizer; other than the stage, they should not occupy public space. As space is limited, our activities should not take up too much space, so please be conscientious of the rules. 
  3. When changing clothes in the changing rooms provided by the venue, please keep the changing rooms tidy. The use of hair dye or other various colors should not pollute the environment.



Comic-Con is a gathering place for many anime fans, because it is the only place where they can express themselves, play their favorite characters, and make friends with others who share their interests. Every Comic-Con is a difficult event, and with the active cooperation of all the participants, Comic-Con can only be held smoothly. If you want to be a part of this cultural feast, why not check out Crazecosplay, a site that sellscosplay costumes and has a great selection of inexpensive cosplay costumes waiting for you.