What do to when you filled your car with the wrong fuel?

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The way people are conscious about their diet similarly our cars also strict about their diet preferences. Our diest have two varieties like vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food items. Same way, cars also have two fuel options, commonly are petrol and diesel. Humans love trials in their food and diet, like trying new dishes and food, whereas cars do not like trials in their diet. If the car is petrol fuel-based, then pump attendants should fill your car with petrol only, and the second fuel preference of cars is diesel-based fuel, so you can not fill your car with petrol because cars are particular about their diet preference. You will be thinking of what is car’s diet? Diesel and petrol are both fuels, and our car runs on filling up these fuels. Fuel is the diet of automobile vehicles. So below are some tips you can consider if you face the situation as mentioned earlier:

Do not crank it-

There is a high tendency of mistake to happen that the pump attendant filled up your car with the wrong fuel. When such kind of situation happens, you will start worrying and blame to the pump attendant. These are the common mistakes happens by pump attendant. Then you will be looking for the wrong fuel doctor so that they can help you out in this kind of situation. Sometimes people mess up the situation by not being patient

If your car is filled with the wrong fuel, then do not crank it. It is essential when you get to know your car is filled with the wrong kind of fuel, immediately take out the ignition key and do not turn on the car. In this way, you will be doing a favor to the car and yourself.

In this way, it will let you leave the wrong type of fuel in the tank only. It will be much easier to handle the situation. If you are failed to do so, then be ready to pay a high amount of repair bill for your car. If your car is not in the safe zone in the fuel pump premises, push it and park it where it will be safe.

After that, it is time to call the wrong fuel doctor who is professional in handling these situations.

If you turned on the car and drove off-

The moment when you find your car got filled with wrong fuel mistakenly, pull up the car in the safe zone as soon as possible. Turn off your car too. In this situation, I would say god bless you. It is the right time to call the wrong fuel doctor at the nearest point available at the time and tell him the wrong fuel situation.

 The extent of damage and loss will vary from how long you were driving the car. However, it will cost you a hefty repair bill amount if you drive the car with the wrong fuel for the whole day.

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