What are the different types of cemetery plaques?


Some types of Cemetery plaques are placed on top of the graveyard so that whenever their families come, they can refresh their old memories.The cemetery plaques are made keeping in mind the personality and achievements of our loved ones.So, let us know how many types of cemetery plaque are there.

  1. Pet grave plaque

Whenever we buy a pet, after some time, we get very attached to it. They become an essential part of our family, as pets spend more time with us than humans. It is also excruciating to bury our pets because, over time, we form a special bond with them. You can see a lot of markers for your pets and bury them in peace.

  1. Bronze grave plaque

Bronze grave markers are very popular as they last for a long time. They do not break like glass headstones, and they are heavy and very safe. It does not get damaged quickly due to its material, and it does not even have to rust.

  1. Flat grave plaque

Funeral styles change over time; when traditional headstones were very popular, some famous religious texts were written. Today flat grave plaque is very much in trend as traditional headstones get damaged and break easily. While flat markers are smoother, take up less space, and last longer.

  1. Temporary grave plaque

Grave markers take some time to make, so people have to get temporary plaques made already. Installing temporary grave markers gives them 1-2 months to make better plaques for their loved ones. Getting the temporary grave marker installed is also significant for the grieving process so that the family can find the exact graveyard location.

  1. Military grave plaque

If your loved one has served in the Military or Armed Forces, you can place government headstones on their graveyard to pay tribute to them. You can also take the government’s help in this because the government helps you install it and also for its charges. You can also get your charges reduced by putting a request in the government office.

  1. Granite grave plaque

Granite Grave Markers are very beautiful as well as very expensive, but you also get a warranty on them quite often. Granite is the most rigid element, so it lasts for a long time and can withstand all weather conditions. If you are looking for a very beautiful grave marker, then a granite grave marker will be an excellent choice for you.

  1. Headstone grave plaque

If you are thinking of getting a headstone installed, this traditional would be a perfect option. You can make it in any shape, small, big, round, square, etc.

  1. Small grave plaque

If you are short of money, you can also install small grave markers according to your budget. You can make small grave markers strong so that they can withstand all weather conditions.


It becomes tough to choose a suitable grave marker once installed, and we cannot remove it again and again. A Cemetery plaques is an important choice as it is a way to remember your loved one. The suitable marker is part of their legacy.