Water Softeners – What Are the Features of Whole House Water Filter Units?


Here’s collection of my top whole house water filter suggestions available out there.. Best Whole House Water Filter For Tap Water:

– US Foods Super Premium whole house water filter for all your household needs. The product utilizes carbon granular technology to provide safe pure drinking water with no chlorine by-products, herbicides or pesticides. It does not remove lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), volatile polycarbonates (VOCs) or nitrates. It works perfectly for any kitchen / bathroom combination.

– US Foods Super Premium whole house water filters for kitchen and all the major sink areas. This is considered to be a great alternative to the chemical based systems. It eliminates harmful chemicals, salts, tannins and harmful tastes from your drinking water.

– US Foods Super Premium whole house water filters for all sinks areas. This is considered to be another great option for getting rid of chemicals and harmful tastes from your drinking water. The filters provide clean, purified water for drinking and cooking. It has no odor, taste or color. It usually costs more than other type of filters.

– American Water Works ultra pure whole house water filter. It works by allowing only water molecules through the carbon media of the filter that prevents harmful compounds such as chlorine, pesticides and industrial solvents. It eliminates all contaminants including microscopic bacteria, fungi, viruses and cysts. However, it does not remove heavy metals found in tap water.

Installing these filters is quite easy. In addition, there are also a few companies that offer a lifetime warranty. The warranty usually covers for replacement of the filters and repair of any damages done to the product during its lifetime. If the manufacturer is sold out of a particular model of filter, most professional installation companies can install it for you at a reasonable cost. Therefore, the investment made in a good quality filter will definitely yield returns in the long run.

The best Pelican Water PUV-8 filters use dual and single stage units. The lower filter stage does the actual purification while the upper stage works on removing debris and the microorganisms present. A high-tech ceramic disc does the actual purification. It works on eliminating metals, chemicals and other contaminants.

A lot of the filters do come with an added advantage of having both the pre-filters and the post-filters. The pre-filters eliminate most of the sediments and particles while the post-filter does the real purification of the water. It is important, therefore to buy a unit with both theqs pre-filters and the eq-1000 filter.

For home use, most people would prefer the softening feature of an Aquasana whole house water filter with the q10 cartridges. This is because they are considered the most effective on alkaline hardness and heavy metal contamination. However, most users do not like the cartridge type because it is more expensive and adds a great deal of weight onto the unit. Therefore, the softening feature can be switched to a water softener cartridge. Some of the softener cartridges have the feature of being compatible with Aquasana’s reverse osmosis system. In this case, the water softening process of the softener cartridge is more efficient than the normal one.

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