Want to shred that extra fat from your body without exercising!


In the modern world, everyone Is worried about their body, as obesity is getting very common in our society. Everyone wants to lose weight and look more fit and attractive, but no one wants to exercise and work hard on their body. Well, there is a solution for this problem because now you can lose that extra fat with the help of liposuction (ดูดไขมัน). It is considered harmless to the individual’s health and is tried and tested by many.

Most people are not aware of what liposuction (ดูดไขมัน) actually is and how it works. There are so many questions about it as it is very new in the medical market.

What is liposuction (ดูดไขมัน)?

It is one of the kinds of plastic surgery which helps remove the extra fat from an individual’s body and make him look more attractive and healthier. It shouldn’t be perceived as an alternative for weight loss as it is only meant for those areas of the body where it is very difficult or nearly impossible to shed weight with the help of exercise.


liposuction (ดูดไขมัน) is done by removing the extra fat layers from the area with excess fat. Only the superficial layers of fat are removed, not the deeper ones. Generally, women get it done more often than men as they face more fat problems than men. In men, liposuction is generally done in the abdominal areas. There are different kinds of procedures and kinds for doing liposuction(ดูดไขมัน). Some of them are mentioned below: –

  • Vaser liposuction or HD liposuction: – it is a very popular kind of cosmetic surgery as it heals faster and the fat is treated using ultrasound technology. It is done without harming any blood vessels, and it only targets the fat cells in the body. Is generally done on the areas like the neck, chin, breasts, underarms, etc.
  • Laser liposuction: – in this, a laser is used, which liquidates the fat before removing it. It minimizes the risk of sagging skin as natural collagen is used in it. It also avoids bruising or bleeding on the body.
  • Tumescent liposuction: – In this kind of surgery, the surgeons use a diluted mixture along with some anesthetic medicine to fill up the layer of fat, which makes It easier to extract the extra fat from that particular part.
  • Lipodissolve: – in this kind of cosmetic surgery, generally, the surgeon gives an injection to the patient with a chemical that dissolves the extra fat inside his body.

All the above types are available on liposuction (ดูดไขมัน).

Risks involved

The general risks involved in this kind of surgery are bleeding, swelling, bruising, infections, and sometimes even nerve dysfunctions. However, risks can be reduced by choosing an experienced surgeon. They are researching before going to any cosmetic center. The risks do exist when someone has got bigger cosmetic liposuction (ดูดไขมัน) on the major part or parts of their body. In order to get rid of the extra fat, one shouldn’t take bigger health risks.