Translation Services Dubai: How’s the Market for 2020?


Understanding how this market is today, as well as the pretensions for the future, is essential to have a better overview of the area.

The machine translation market is expected to reach revenues of US $ 1.5 billion by 2024. This shows that the market for this type of service continues to grow and is increasingly sought after by companies of all sizes and segments.

However, in contrast, there is no way to compare machine and crowdsourcing translations with a professional English translator. The services provided by professionals are much better and more efficient than those guided only by machines, which should still be maintained for a long time.

No matter how much technology develops, it will not have the same ability to interpret as a human being, which makes translation services still in very high demand.

Therefore, for this year, it is possible to have excellent expectations for the translation services sector, especially with the current stage in Dubai, where entrepreneurship and new businesses are on the rise.

What is the Status of Translation Services Today?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the increase in employment rates for translators is expected to reach 17% by 2026. In addition, he is currently in the 1st position for creative and media jobs.

This increase shows a great future for the translation services, since it is not any profession that presents such a high growth.

When crossing these data with that of another research, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2017/2020, it appears that 15.3% of the economically active population is interested in undertaking.

It may be that this relationship has not been so clear, but it is possible to obtain great insights through these data, especially when taking into account the economic situation that Dubai has been experiencing in recent years.

Fearing that they might lose jobs in the labor market and fail to return to it, many people choose to create their own businesses. While some of them want to cover only their city or neighborhood, others want something more.

In these cases, translation services are indispensable, since to make any product or service reach other countries, it is essential that all content be translated into that language.

Therefore, it does not matter if the new entrepreneur offers a solution to control expenses, an innovative technological equipment or a digital marketing consultancy, everything needs to be properly translated.

As much as it may already be assumed, these translations cannot be automatic or done by crowdsourcing, since there is no way to guarantee their quality. Proof of this are apps and websites that are translated in this way, whose results are quite bad. Also check out how to make an adequate translation budget .

Has the translation market evolved or regressed?

It is latent that there is a great evolution in specialized translation services, precisely so that new projects, businesses, products and services can break national barriers and reach people from all corners of the world.

Among the main translation services, there are technical, sworn and free translations, although there are several other types, which vary according to the needs of each one.

Something that is very common nowadays and that can trigger an evolution in this segment is the large number of software and sites for translation, which can be beneficial for ordinary users to answer questions while surfing the internet.

The last example of this is Amazon, which launched a neural translation system that is still in the testing phase. Certainly, such a step for a world giant is something that draws a lot of attention.

However, it is also possible to see, with a broader analysis of the market, that new translation systems appear over time, but this does not necessarily mean that they are better, but that there are more options.

No matter how much you invest in technology, there will always be gaps that cannot be filled by the logical reasoning of a machine, unlike what happens with translation services, carried out from people to people.

The conclusion of this is that the translation market is constantly evolving, but there is still a long way to go to compete with the work of a human, if that will happen, no matter how much technology develops.

The Value of Translation Services Will Never Be Lost

Not only with the translation itself, but basically all sectors can feel the influence that technology has on them.

Translation tools are more than clear examples of the fact that technology also helps these professionals, which does not mean that they do all their work, quite the opposite.

Good tools help to ensure a more reliable and faster translation, but it will never be possible to do this without the figure of the translator, who has studied hard to reach this position. See how to choose a reliable company for this service.

This still makes many people wonder how much a translation service is worth, especially those who think that software and new technologies can replace everything, but that value will never be lost.

A true translator is able to not only transcribe the words in another language, but to understand the context as a whole and present the terms that best fit for that occasion.

It also involves a series of local expressions, like “it’s a piece of cake”, which should not be translated as “it’s a piece of cake”, but “it’s a piece of cake” or something like that, when involved in this type of context.

It is possible to go even further: “it’s raining cats and dogs” has nothing to do with animals, but in professional translation services, the best thing to do is to translate this expression as “a foot of water is falling”, for example.

So, the human part of this equation will always be present when you want a personalized translation service, that really gives the impression that the content was created in that language, even if it was not.

Therefore, it is absolutely correct to say that a Dubai Translation Services will not cease to exist in 2020, quite the contrary: it will grow more and more every day, since the flow of translation services only tends to increase.